NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Thursday, December 15

What a Blast with the Furbo Dog Camera

What a Blast with the Furbo Dog Camera. 

Number 1 BEST Seller !!!
Order here – BEST price  Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, HD Wifi Cam, and 2-Way Audio

5.0 out of 5 stars
Being able to see my dogs while I am out or at work definitely. puts my mind at ease.
By  Lei on August 18, 2016

Finally, a product that lets me see what my dogs are doing when I am not around...
I have always wanted to know what my dogs get up to when they’re left home alone, so as soon as I saw Furbo on Indiegogo I bought one. Although I had to wait a few months to get the product but I am glad to say it did arrive. Setting up wasn’t too complicated, just followed the instructions on the app and it was up and running. Being able to see my dogs while I am out or at work definitely, puts my mind at ease. Though I have to say, I now know I have quite lazy dogs...

We love Furbo! It's great that we can see what our furbabies are up to when we aren't home. The camera quality is great, and the treat dispenser works perfectly!

Our boys still can't figure out how they can hear my voice and not see me!
We check up on them several times a day.

Old Senior waiting for his treat to pop out. PLUS a HELLO from MOM 

4.0 out of 5 stars
Fun toy for human and dog!
By Karen on October 4, 2016
Great, innovative product! It is nice to be able to check in and see what Grizzly is up to during the day. He enjoys the treat function the most and tends to hang out and wait for treats after he remembers that the thing has treats. Sometimes, though, the treats get jammed and there is no way of knowing how many treats are left remotely (without physically opening the container and looking)

5.0 out of 5 stars
LOVE this ! 
By Linda 
 on October 5, 2016
Verified Purchase
I love this product! I get a text notification when my dogs bark, and I can check out what's going on. I have 3 dogs, and one with separation anxiety. Two will slowly slink away when I talk to them, but the anxious one will come to the camera. That helps us both feel better being apart!

Always together, even when apart

Ever wonder what your dog does all day? Or are you worried your furbaby is bored at home alone? Through Furbo, the bond with your dog is borderless. Furbo is a smart dog camera with a connected app that lets you see, talk, and even toss treats to your dog when you're away. Be together to your furry loved ones, no matter how far you go!

With Furbo you can:
  • Speak and listen to your dog: With the two-way audio, you and your dog can both hear each other
  • Play by tossing treats: Treat your dog from anywhere by swiping across the screen on the free Furbo iOS/Android app
  • HD live streaming of your dog: 120° wide-angle camera with 720p HD, 4x digital zoom, and night vision - don't miss out on any moments!
  • Get barking alerts: Furbo senses when your dog is barking and sends a push notification to your smartphone
  • Take lots of cute photos & videos: Capture special moments, and share with friends and family

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Please contact me with your REVIEW for my blog --  If you buy this product in the now or in the next few months I would like to include your review here in my blog.
Contact me with your Review at
Tell me the product you are reviewing and please sent a photo of your pet using the product if possible..thanks so much, 
Marie of Ask the Pet Nurse 

Disclaimer :
This blog contains sponsored links from a number of companies including Amazon.

Wednesday, December 14

Dog Training Secrets you need to know

Dog training secrets you need to know 

Food-Guarding Issues

Are the dogs fighting at your home?  It's a common program and we can help.  check out the tips in this article.  Offer For a FREE on-line Class at the bottom of this article 
If you've never seen a dog with serious food-guarding issues, it's difficult to appreciate the potential severity of the problem.

FOOD Fights.. Stop them with this training. 

Food-guarding issues are not necessarily a reflection on the personality or training level of the dog: it's an instinctive thing, and although dogs with a general aggression problem are naturally more prone to demonstrating the condition, it's also exhibited by otherwise-sweet, well-behaved, well-adjusted family dogs. Like an evil djinn, the problem can rear its ugly head only when food (or the food bowl) is present: a real case of Jekyll and Hyde.

A dog with serious food-guarding issues can be a real danger to anyone who should approach her during a meal: it's not a scenario in which you can expect to train your dog to "play nice". Instinct is what's compelling her to act in this undesirable, and even dangerous, way - you need to take steps to turn the behavior around before your relationship with your dog suffers or somebody gets hurt.

There are different degrees of food guarding. In the mildest case, a dog will merely tense up a little or freeze if somebody approaches her while she's trying to eat. She may even continue eating, but her posture will be rigid and stiff: she'll clearly be uncomfortable.

Signs that the problem is more severe would include a marked increase in eating speed, a direct, hard stare right at you (often accompanied by a still, tense, "watching" posture), a lifted lip, a snarl, a snap, and finally a real bite.

NOTE: A dog exhibiting any of these last three symptoms has a pretty severe case of food-guarding aggression, and may be prepared to inflict actual harm. If this is the case with your dog, hiring a hands-on trainer may be the best answer for you: it'll ensure your safety, and they'll be able to examine your overall relationship with your dog and see if there are other areas contributing to the problem.

A food-guarding dog is a pretty confused one. In her mind, she's got your role mixed up. She fails to recognize that you are the dispenser of food (which should accord you automatic alpha-dog status, ensuring your immunity from any kind of aggression or dominance), and instead is viewing you as a threat: a blackguard who might be going to take away her precious food. Hence, the possessiveness.

FOOD is the Number one Pleasure for dogs-
The degree of aggression that a food-guarding dog is capable of might be hard to understand, until you consider the fact that food is one of the greatest pleasures of your dog's life. Dogs are scavengers by nature: they're programmed to eat just about anything they can get their jaws around. As well as the instinctiveness of this gluttony, most dogs also simply enjoy the tactile and gustatory sensations that come with a good meal (or an indifferent one .. and sometimes even a bad one). They just … like to eat.

And it's this overwhelming importance that's placed on food that gets some dogs a bit mixed up: their grasp of the situation gets a bit thrown off, and they begin to wonder, miser-like, who might happen upon them and take away their cherished food. The obvious conclusion: you. Or anyone else who comes along at meal-time.

To cure her of this frustrating and antisocial habit, you need to remind her that you're actually the purveyor of that which she holds so dear: to make it clear to her that you're the one in charge of the kitchen, and of all the delightful morsels contained therein. Dogs can develop food-guarding instincts at any point in their lives: some will have had the problem since puppy hood, but for others, the tendency lies dormant until it's awakened by an item of particular juiciness.

For most dogs, the deciding factor is meat, in some shape or form - whether it's a marrow bone, a mutton hock, or cast-off scraps from the dinner table. Meat to dogs is like money to humans: it can change them, make them do things they otherwise wouldn't do. So it's not entirely surprising that the intrinsic value of meat-related foodstuffs can give our dogs a new, unpleasantly skewed perspective on the sanctity of the food-bowl.

Because of the possibility of food-guarding becoming an issue in your dog's behavior at any point in her life, prevention is obviously the ideal path to take: whether you get your dog from puppy hood or adopt her as an adult from a shelter, you should make a point of approaching her during mealtime.

Have you ever heard a friend with dogs ask you to "leave her alone when she's eating"? This is a short-term solution at most: it'll prevent anything untoward from happening, provided that all the humans play by the rules and ensure that they don't disturb the dog - but the dog is still the one calling all the shots.

And what will happen if the unexpected occurs? What if a toddler charges full-tilt towards the dog and makes a playful grab for her bowl?

In a wolf-pack, the alpha dog is never disturbed when he or she is eating. Not only does she get to eat first, and eat the lion's share of everything; but he or she also eats undisturbed. This is why a dog that's permitted to eat in solitary splendor can actually become more food-aggressive, not less; without anyone to take her down a notch, she begins to assume more authority than she actually has.

To prevent your dog from getting an over inflated sense of her own importance, make sure you disturb her plenty while she's eating. Don't make a point of tiptoeing around whenever the food bowl's out; it'll just accustom her to solitude and silence when she eats (which are things that only the alpha wolf or dog is entitled to).

At the other end of the spectrum, don't make these disturbances a negative experience for her either, or else you may actually create a problem where none previously existed. All you have to do is approach her from time to time while she eats - starting from the very day you bring her into your home - and add something tasty (and small!) to her dish while she's eating, to make the connection in her head that 'humans approaching food bowl = good news'. A spoonful of scrambled egg, a piece of liver treat, a few chunks of cheese - anything that she'll enjoy, and that has a greater "food value" than the kibble she's eating, will work perfectly.

Of course, if it's too late for preventatives and your dog already has a problem, you'll need to adopt a very different approach. Here's what to do:

- The dog bowl is going to be put away for the next seven to ten days. Over this time, you're going to be feeding your dog by hand - one small handful at a time. Yes, I know this is going to be time-consuming, but the alternative is even worse: a dangerous dog that can't be trusted around food. So feed her by hand for the next week or so. Be sure not to encourage any greedy snapping or grabbing for the food: only allow her to take the food from your hand when she does so gently. Remind her that bite inhibition is necessary to get what she wants!

- Once at least a week has passed and she's eating politely from your hand, you can reintroduce the food bowl, with one slight modification: it has to be empty. And it stays empty until you pass by and drop a small handful of kibble into it for her to eat. When that's been polished off, wait at least a full minute before adding another, small, handful of kibble. Keep doing this until the entire meal's been consumed - this is a very effective way of teaching your dog to actively long for your presence near her food bowl!

- When she's graduated to the next stage, you can start setting down a half-empty food bowl for her. Don't let her lunge at the bowl and start gobbling: holding the bowl out of reach (or placing it on a handy counter), make her sit and wait before you allow her to eat. Don't put the bowl down until she complies. Sit or crouch beside the bowl and continue to add small handfuls of kibble, just as you did in step two until a full meal's been eaten.

- The fourth, and final, step is to allow her access to a full food bowl. Again, it's very important that you do not allow her to call the shots: she must sit and wait until you release her with an "OK!" before she's permitted to eat.

To keep the message clear in your head that you are in charge of the food in this house, practice calling her away from her food a few times a week and rewarding her with a super-tasty treat for her exemplary obedience while she's trying to eat.

If at any time your dog's behavior gets shaky on any of these four steps, backslide until you've reached the stage at which she is 100% reliable. Wait at this stage for at least two or three more days before attempting to progress once more. As with any training, it's essential that a solid foundation is built before moving on to the next level - she must be completely comfortable with each step before trying a new one.

Further Reading 

For detailed, in-depth information on canine behavioral problems (both preventing and dealing with them) take a look at Secrets to Dog Training. It's the complete handbook for responsible dog owners and is packed with valuable advice and step-by-step how-to fofr dog training. You can visit Secrets to Dog Training by clicking on the link below:

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Saturday, December 3

Finally results with this itchy dog lotion

Finally results with this itchy dog  lotion / Jax and Daisy review 

Oh boy !!!!   
Love this Jax and Daisy  Anti fungal, Antibacterial Dog Lotion

So many of our dogs and cats suffer with itchy skin and excessive shedding.  NOW a SAFE product you can use daily all over their body. 

Just avoid eyes and inside of ears please.  
This is used on the skin and not to be used internally.. JUST an FYI 😃

Order here from Amazon - Quick shipping 

 SEE here for Prices  and ordering

I really do see this working;  Great for the skin, just work down through the coat to the skin.  Use on the paws.. NO worries if they lick any of the product ... Very safe 


This will work great on cysts , many bulldog have cysts between their toes ( claws )  .. Adding this lotion daily will do the trick .

The company states 

  • For pets suffering from hot spots, constant scratching, rolling, and general skin dermatitis
  • Unique blend of infused natural ingredients
  • When applied daily, it aids in inhibiting the growth of fungal bacterial skin infections
  • Affordable, effective, non-sticky, topical lotion
  • Relief for your pet's pain and itching


May we also Suggest this item 



Also we suggest a little BAG Balm on the bottom of your dog's paws this winter..

Great for all year round protection..
This is an old time product from VT.
Every home with kids or pets should have some Bag Balm on hand 

Order here:  at Amazon or look in a store near you ..

Hit link for price at Amazon

( often free or reduced shipping ) 

It's not always easy to find Bag Balm - sometimes it's in the baby department next to diapers.

Need help with Food ? 
 Want to home cook? 
Check out Marie's Recipe here:
Doggie Meatloaf : 

                                 See Free Recipe here 

Tuesday, November 22

English bulldog food; English bulldog allergies ; English bulldog home remedies blog

HI guys.. spend a cold day here on the Bulldog Blog --  lots of pages  on  bulldog health, wellness, home cooking for your dog or cat.  English bulldogs with allergies and itchy skin?  Bulldog with Dry Coat?  Shedding to much.. 

LOTS of tips here ; 

Flip through our site ..... scroll around and see what we are all about ..

Welcome !  

Need help?  e-mail site owner Marie Peppers at 

or visit her on Facebook at

Friday, November 4

English Bulldog Tear Stains French Bulldog Tear stains, Tips for Reducing Tear stains in your dog.

Natural Yeast Bacteria fighter for your dog.  Tear Stains on your Bulldog? 
Learn about Kefir and NuVET Plus 

The Best Tear Stain removal tips; 

                                OH, the LIFE of a Bulldog!


Dogs with chronic ear infections?
Dogs with tear or wrinkle stains? 

This will help ... 

Kefir ( it's a natural probiotic ) 

Give  a dog  that is 40 to 60 lbs about   2-3  tablespoons per day of the Kefir / low-fat one is fine --
Under 40 pounds do 1.5 to 2 tablespoons per day. 
 Kefir is found near milk and yogurt
--  This product will help with YEAST build up and tear stains.  GREAT to also help dogs with low immune systems and allergy problems. 

It's best to find Plain Kefir but you can do flavored too.  

Got Tear Stains?  WE love these pads! 

 If your dog has tear stains, this works great and it's totally safe. NATURAL Pads to clean wrinkle or tear stains. 

   A little hard to find in the BIG Box Pet Stores, we found it here for a good price -

 SEE Amazon for ordering

 GREAT Price on these PADS here

PLEASE do get your NuVET Plus Vitamin/ Supplement

Don't forget the Doggie Vitamins ........Most of my clients also use 1 NUVET Plus per day .......

Great for all ages and stages - Helps to reduced and stop tear stains due to yeast bacteria and allergies.  GREAT help for skin, coat, allergies, hips, and joints. 

60 day guaranteed and the taste is LIVER flavor

The BEST Dog Vitamin 

   Order NuVET dog vitamins  from this link 

( NOT sold in stores/ HOLISTIC )

NuVET is a Yeast Fighter by building the Immune system.

Also, helps to build up the dog's fight against allergens 


Thursday, November 3

Cubs win .. Bulldogs are happy !!!

Wow, Really happy bulldog .. Cubs win!

World Series !!!  2016

Our friend Elvis is a Cub fan !

Elvis is also a NuVET Plus Poster boy... 

love our Doggie Vitamins 

Tell them Pet Nurse Marie sent you..
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Elvis has NO more tear stains 

Thursday, October 27

Top Veggies for dogs, Fruit treats for your dog - Raw treats for dogs

Great Healthy Treats for your dog:  Raw Treats for your dog ( Raw Veggies and fruit)  - whole food 

( ALWAYS cut up VEGGIES for pups so they can digest ) 

The Best Veggies for your dogs

I use cooked or steamed Veggies with my dogs.   Steamed is the best. Always cut up the veggies well so they digest easily.


 Did you get your Dog Supplements yet?

This is 16 Year old  Lynette, she LOVES her Nuvet Plus and NuJoint. the Nuvet has kept her healthy since she was 5 Y.O. and the Nujoint helps her old joints stay healthy and pain-free.

SEE here to order,  NOT sold in stores- 
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Wednesday, August 10

Veggie weight loss stew for Dogs / skinny dog diet

Skinny Diet  ( this is to be used a few months to help a canine take off some excessive weight 

Please work in conjunction with your licensed Vet. (  if your Vet has questions on the diet, they can reach me ..

They can reach me at 

 veggie stew  Recipe ... 

2 Big cans Diced Stewed Tomatoes ( NO ADDED salt brand ) 
2 reg size Cans of Green Beans  ( NO added Salt brand or rinse ) 
2 green Peppers coarsely chopped -- small pieces 
2 bags of shredded Cabbage 
1 zucchini - chopped small 
1 Med size bag of baby carrots chopped into bite sizes

Mix All ingredients into large Crock Pot 
or POT ,Add 2-3 cups of water :

Simmer for 2-3 Hours , until Carrots and Cabbage are Soft

FEEDING -  Cut your Regular Dog food amount in 1/2 and replace that 1/2 with this Skinny Dog stew
YOU will be adding 1 cup of this Skinny dog stew for every 1/2 cup of Dry dog food ( Dry dog kibble or wet dog food) ; 

This is high fiber and the cabbage well cooked won't cause too much of a gas problem 
-- If dog is hungry you can give a little more of the doggie diet stew ..

Remember this if fed with a Quality dry dog kibble food ..  The Skinny Dog stew is added to the dry kibble ..


Many of my clients also use 1 NuVET Plus Wafer per day for balance ..  

NuVET vitamin, also helps dogs find energy and increases their metabolism to break down food and burn calories 

NuVET is not sold is stores, holistic , SEE here   

YOU Want the GREEN bottle .. ( 90 DAY Guarantee ) 

YOUR Dry Dog food should be a quality brand .. 
Made in the USA... NO corn or junk filler

Call and tell them Pet Nurse Marie sent you order code 81098 for the 15 % off on auto ship   

Call 1-800-474-7044 

YOUR dry dog food should be a Quality Brand with NO CORN or junk fillers 

Thursday, July 14

Cures for tear stains and wrinkle stains English bulldogs and more

Chronic tear stains?  Help is here and it works..  In 90 days or less you should have REDUCED tear and or wrinkle stains --  
~~~also reduces Shedding too 

Yes, bulldog wrinkles stains will also be reduced or GONE 

Current photo ..  So Sweet and NO STAINS

For ALL Ages 

or call in at  1-800-474-7044   
If they ask give Discount code 81098 .. ... 
Sign up for the auto ship and save 

NUVET PLUS is NOT sold in stores.. It's HOLISTIC 

Make sure you tell them Pet Nurse Marie sent you...


YOU also need a Good PROBIOTIC ..  We use the PEARLS :  

Did you know PEARLS Probiotics and NuVet Plus Supplement has Reduced or cured many dogs with chronic Tear stains and Ear Infections ? 

This really works if it's YEAST overgrowth that your pet has in his gut and skin.

OFTEN we need to HEAL from the inside out ..

THIS Pearl gets digested in the small intestine and gets 

PAST the stomach acids

Pick up some PEARLS - it's a probiotic in the Blue box -
 MOST dogs will need 1 PEARL per day for 90 Days and that's it.
 (short term) - sometimes 120 days...  - It's Natural and safe -


It's for humans but pets take it too. IT will help to balance out the Yeast and balance out the ITCHIES.....
YOU can find Pearls at Walmart / Target/ CVS / Walgreens

Make sure you only get the blue box.. must be this one pictured here.. 


Can Tear Stains Be Prevented?


In many cases, it is easier to prevent tear stains than it is to cure them. Try to eliminate all allergens and toxic chemicals from your living area for your pet. Ensure that your pet eats a balanced diet full of high-quality foods. The most important thing you can do to prevent tear stains is to add a supplement to your dog’s diet each day. NuVet has a great variety of supplements for both dogs and cats. The use of NuVet Plus each day will improve your pet’s total health, from bones and joints to skin and coat. These supplements will also help stave off the issues that cause tear staining.

For more information on the complete line of NuVet products, learn more 
YOU WANT the GREEN BOTTLE.. YUM YUM NuVET and it's LIVER flavored treats....

 REMEMBER order code 81098  not sold in stores

Made in the USA and Holistic