Tuesday, November 22

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Friday, November 4

The 3 Best Tear Stain Removal Tips

Natural Yeast Bacteria fighter for your dog.  Tear Stains? 
Learn about Kefir 

Three Best Tear Stain removal tips; 

Bodypack or Baby Body Pack is perfect for Pets who need Daily Tear Stain or Wrinkle cleaning. 

                    Will lift away bacteria with JUST water.  Try it for 60 days and see!

 Order your Norwex Cloths here

All " 3 " tips will work Together to Cure your Tear Stains  

Dogs with chronic ear infections?
Dogs with tear or wrinkle stains? 

This will help ... 

Kefir ( it's a natural probiotic ) 

Give  a dog  that is 40 to 60 lbs about   2-3  tablespoons per day of the Kefir / low-fat one is fine --

 Kefir is found near milk and yogurt
--  This product will help with YEAST build up and tear stains.  GREAT to also help dogs with low immune systems and allergy problems.  

Got Tear Stains? 

 If your dog has tear stains, this works great and it's totally safe. NATURAL Pads to clean wrinkle or tear stains. 

   A little hard to find in the BIG Box Pet Stores, we found it here for a good price -

 SEE Amazon for ordering  http://amzn.to/2h9ZYpY

 GREAT Price on these PADS here

Don't forget the Doggie Vitamins ........
MOST of my clients also use 1 NUVET Plus per day .......

Don't forget the NuVET Plus Daily.
Most of our Doggies take 1 per day.

Great for all ages and stages 

60 day guaranteed and taste is LIVER flavor. 

dogs love it! 

The BEST Dog Vitamin 

   Order NuVET from this link 
( NOT sold in stores/ HOLISTIC )

NuVET is a Yeast Fighter by building the Immune system.

Also, helps to build up the dog's fight against allergens 


  Another TEAR stain Cleaning option is Witch Hazel 

use a dash of Water,  dash of Witch Hazel 
on a 100% Flat cotton pad 

Thursday, November 3

Cubs win .. Bulldogs are happy !!!

Wow, Really happy bulldog .. Cubs win!

World Series !!!  2016

Our friend Elvis is a Cub fan !

Elvis is also a NuVET Plus Poster boy... 

love our Doggie Vitamins 

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Elvis has NO more tear stains 

Thursday, October 27

Top Veggies for dogs, Fruit treats for your dog - Raw treats for dogs

Great Healthy Treats for your dog:  Raw Treats for your dog ( Raw Veggies and fruit)  - whole food 

( ALWAYS cut up VEGGIES for pups so they can digest ) 

The Best Veggies for your dogs

I use cooked or steamed Veggies with my dogs.   Steamed is the best. Always cut up the veggies well so they digest easily.


 Did you get your Dog Supplements yet?

This is 16 Year old  Lynette, she LOVES her Nuvet Plus and NuJoint. the Nuvet has kept her healthy since she was 5 Y.O. and the Nujoint helps her old joints stay healthy and pain-free.

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Wednesday, August 10

Veggie weight loss stew for Dogs / skinny dog diet

Skinny Diet  ( this is to be used a few months to help a canine take off some excessive weight 

Please  work in conjunction with your licensed Vet. (  if your Vet has questions on the diet, they can reach me ..

They can reach me at  mpmaltese@gmail.com 

 veggie stew  Recipe ... 

2 Big cans Diced Stewed Tomatoes ( NO ADDED salt brand ) 
2 reg size Cans of Green Beans  ( NO added Salt brand or rinse ) 
2 green Peppers coarsely chopped -- small pieces 
2 bags of shredded Cabbage 
1 zucchini - chopped small 
1 Med size bag of baby carrots chopped into bite sizes

Mix All ingredients into large Crock Pot 
or POT ,Add 2-3 cups of water :

Simmer for 2-3 Hours , until Carrots and Cabbage are Soft

FEEDING -  Cut your Regular Dog food amount in 1/2 and replace that 1/2 with this Skinny Dog stew
YOU will be adding 1 cup of this Skinny dog stew for every 1/2 cup of Dry dog food ( Dry dog kibble or wet dog food) ; 

This is high fiber and the cabbage well cooked won't cause too much of a gas problem 
-- If dog is hungry you can give a little more of the doggie diet stew ..

Remember this if fed with a Quality dry dog kibble food ..  The Skinny Dog stew is added to the dry kibble ..


Many of my clients also use 1 NuVET Plus Wafer per day for balance ..  

NuVET vitamin, also helps dogs find energy and increases their metabolism to break down food and burn calories 

NuVET is not sold is stores, holistic , SEE here   

YOU Want the GREEN bottle .. ( 90 DAY Guarantee ) 

YOUR Dry Dog food should be a quality brand .. 
Made in the USA... NO corn or junk filler

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YOUR dry dog food should be a Quality Brand with NO CORN or junk fillers 

Thursday, July 14

Cures for tear stains and wrinkle stains English bulldogs and more

Chronic tear stains?  Help is here and it works..  In 90 days or less you should have REDUCED tear and or wrinkle stains --  
~~~also reduces Shedding too 

Yes, bulldog wrinkles stains will also be reduced or GONE 

Current photo ..  So Sweet and NO STAINS

For ALL Ages 

or call in at  1-800-474-7044   
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Sign up for the auto ship and save 

NUVET PLUS is NOT sold in stores.. It's HOLISTIC 

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YOU also need a Good PROBIOTIC ..  We use the PEARLS :  

Did you know PEARLS Probiotics and NuVet Plus Supplement has Reduced or cured many dogs with chronic Tear stains and Ear Infections ? 

This really works if it's YEAST overgrowth that your pet has in his gut and skin.

OFTEN we need to HEAL from the inside out ..

THIS Pearl gets digested in the small intestine and gets 

PAST the stomach acids

Pick up some PEARLS - it's a probiotic in the Blue box -
 MOST dogs will need 1 PEARL per day for 90 Days and that's it.
 (short term) - sometimes 120 days...  - It's Natural and safe -


It's for humans but pets take it too. IT will help to balance out the Yeast and balance out the ITCHIES.....
YOU can find Pearls at Walmart / Target/ CVS / Walgreens

Make sure you only get the blue box.. must be this one pictured here.. 


Can Tear Stains Be Prevented?


In many cases, it is easier to prevent tear stains than it is to cure them. Try to eliminate all allergens and toxic chemicals from your living area for your pet. Ensure that your pet eats a balanced diet full of high-quality foods. The most important thing you can do to prevent tear stains is to add a supplement to your dog’s diet each day. NuVet has a great variety of supplements for both dogs and cats. The use of NuVet Plus each day will improve your pet’s total health, from bones and joints to skin and coat. These supplements will also help stave off the issues that cause tear staining.

For more information on the complete line of NuVet products, learn more 
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Made in the USA and Holistic 

Tuesday, June 7

summer heat and your Dog , Bulldogs and more

Bulldogs and others,  PLEASE watch for summer heat .. 

Don't leave your dog in a hot car ...  the car will become very hot as the sun beats down on the vehicle ..

Suffolk County Sheriff's photo .. thanks for sharing 

On a warm day, temperatures inside a vehicle can rise rapidly to dangerous levels. 

Pets exposed to this type of extreme heat may suffer

irreversible organ damage or die.

PLEASE share this article with friends

Also, if you own a bulldog or a pug , please have a cool collar or Cooling mat ready in your home or car 

Cool mat by Cool pup  -- pressure activated , cools dog down 8-10 degrees in 10 minutes 

While your are here visit my Article on LEMON, 
 yes , lemon can save a life


Tuesday, March 15

Blueberry & Banana dog treats with wheat germ ... YUM YUM

From Marie Peppers

Wheat germ is amazing for your dog's coat. 
 ( don't use this recipe if your pet has an allergy to wheat/ gluten ) 

 Try my recipe 

EASY Frozen  Dog Treats  Banana - Blueberry 

                  Wheat Germ is : 

  • is rich in fiber for cancer protection and good digestive health 
  • is a great source of vitamins like B complex and vitamin E
  • is a best sources of zinc

Make sure you buy some Silicone ice cube trays or tiny muffin pans to freeze the treats

Thursday, February 11

The importance of play and bonding with your puppy

The Importance Of Play In Puppies / 

 Healthy tips/supplements for puppy

You’ve just brought a new puppy home, and you know you have a lot of work to do. You have to buy all of the supplies your new four-legged family member needs, and you are going to start training as soon as possible. Of course, you have to potty train your puppy as well and spend time exercising with them each day. With this new busy schedule, it can be easy to overlook the importance of play and the role it plays in your puppy’s development. 

However, playtime is essential and these tips can help you understand why.

 Playing helps your puppy learn social rules and norms in your home. When you play with your puppy, you help them learn that it hurts when they bite.

You teach them which toys they can play with, and which items in your house are off limit. You show them that you will take time for them each day.  Choose Quality Tough toys... 
( NO family shoes ) 

 Playtime can also improve your dog’s senses and teach them how to focus on a task
Search and find games are perfect for showing your dog how to use its instincts as well as sight, sound, and smell to find a toy. You also help them improve their mental capabilities, as you allow them to have fun while focusing on one particular task.

 Spending one-on-one time with your dog while playing also establishes a bond between you and your new pet. 

Your new puppy needs to know that you are going to take care of all of their needs, including the need to feel loved. When you spend special time enjoying fun play activities with your pet, you will bond with your new puppy. This increases trust and will help improve the training process as your dog adjusts to life in your home. Playtime keeps your puppy happy, which helps them to stay healthy.
DAILY PUPPY to Adult Supplement --  Give them the BEST in the USA - NuVET PLUS 
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While playtime is sure to help your puppy grow up to be healthy, strong and well-adjusted, you should also take additional steps to improve your dog’s development. Nutritional supplements, such as Nu Vet Plus are also an important addition to your puppy’s diet.  (  http://www.nuvet.com/81098  )

These supplements are designed to boost your dog’s immune system and provide them with a completely balanced diet, which cannot be achieved with pet food alone.  EVEN if your pet food is Quality some of the nutrients are destroyed in the Heating / COOKING process.  
 For more information and to order NuVET Plus see link ..
We have a powder or yum yum wafer

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Thursday, February 4

Itchy Terrier shampoo and supplements

Oh my itchy Dog !          Itchy Terrier 

NuVet Plus  Testimonial From Mel in Florida - 


I have a 3 year old Brussels 
​Griffon​ T​errier mix that I adopted over a year ago.  I was ​recommended ​to the ​NuV​et ​P​lus vitamins and shampoo by a good friend of mine and must say that I was amazed at the transformation. 

Her little matted coat became soft and shiny with the Nuvet ​Shampoo and ​
Cassidy immediately LOVED ​the NuVet Wafer treat. ​

S​he has really made a complete change from the little scrappy dog I adopted over a year ago​.​ I just have​ to attribute her doing so great and being so healthy from the Nu​Vet Plus ​supplement. 
Thanks NuVet Plus !! 

​To order your NuVET Plus go here and tell them PET Nurse Marie sent you for the Green bottle of Wafers or powder ( NuVET Plus ) and the Green bottle of shampoo ( hot spot shampoo is for all dry skin , not just hot spots )
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Give order code 81098 and take a look at the other amazing Testimonials 

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