NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Sunday, December 27

How to recognize an allergy problem in dogs

HOW TO RECOGNIZE ALLERGIES IN DOGS  by Marie/ Ask the Pet Nurse  ( NuVet Plus) 

Pets, just like people, can struggle from allergies. These allergies can range from seasonal to more severe reactions. However unlike people, pets can’t vocalize their discomfort or irritation when allergies strike. As a pet parent, you may be able to help your pooch by keeping an eye on some common indicators of a pet-allergy.

Many dogs will repeatedly lick an area that is irritating them. You may notice this because of a constant wet spot on your pooch or irritation that arises near the area.
Some dogs will incessantly scratch an area. Commonly, it can be the ears; another indication that an allergy may be present.
Paw Chewing and Swelling
Dogs that lick or chew their paws often may be reacting to an allergy. Some pooches will even chew their paws to the point of bleeding and swelling. This is another common indicator of an allergy that your pooch is dealing with.
Just as you may sneeze from allergies, your pup can too. Sneezing that is noticeably excessive or not typical of your pet can be a sign of an allergy.
Vomiting or Loose stool 
Although not the most pleasant of symptoms, this one is hard to ignore due to how obvious it is to a pet owner. Vomiting and diarrhea commonly are associated with an allergy due to ingestion, however could also indicate more severe allergies to outside factors.
Inhaled, Ingested, Contact with Skin
Like people, dogs can suffer from seasonal allergies as well as mold, dust, and other materials. Food as well as topical products such as shampoos can also cause allergy symptoms.
It can be difficult to identify your pooch’s specific allergy but paying attention to when, where, and how often you see these symptoms is a great start to identify what may be causing your dog’s discomfort. Visiting your dog’s vet is a good idea when allergies are suspected. Your vet can provide more insight and strategies on how to appropriately address your dog’s allergy concerns.
In addition to seeing your vet, feeding your dog a healthy, balanced diet is a great way to help keep your dog healthy and help limit allergen exposure in food consumption. 

My disclaimer for this site:
Marie Peppers, Experience Licensed Nurse Trained in Holistic Pet Medicine; Supplements certifications* My comments to your questions are not to be used "in lieu of" veterinarian's advise ( I can work along with your Veterinarian

 Another way to help keep your dog’s health up is to consider adding a nutritional supplement like NuVet Plus. NuVet Labs offers supplements that are specifically formulated to help meet your dog’s needs and are free of many common food allergens. 

Current NuVet Labs customers have provided NuVet reviews about the benefits they have seen with their own dogs. Reading the NuVet reviews is a great place to start learning about the great supplements offered from NuVet Labs.
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Tuesday, December 15

Home made beans & rice food for your Pooch , Free Dog food Recipes

Yep, Canine Recipe  Beans, and Rice Recipe - Balanced meal 

( Cooking for your dog FREE Recipes )

 Yes, they can have beans as a form of protein 

 It takes longer but it's real food that you can make a big batch of, and refrigerate or freeze in portions.

Beans and Rice for your Pooch 
  • 2 lb bag pinto beans
  • 2 lb bag brown rice- MUST be brown rice only 
  • 1 lb bag of green beans 
  • l lb bag fresh carrots
  • 2 cups fresh green vegetables ( any veggie is fine except NO onions ) 
Cook beans and rice per package instructions ~~(pre soaking beans several hours and changing water prevents flatulence in dogs).  Cut vegetables in small pieces or put through food processor. Mix it all together.
It's worth having a food processor or the Nutri Ninja blender to get the veggies in very small pieces 
Makes approximately 22 cups of food (10 servings for a med/large dog)
- 21 grams protein per two cup serving

Need more than 21 Grams of protein?  ( pups or younger dogs may want 27 grams or higher in protein, See egg tip: 
- For more protein, you can add 1 large egg per cup of food - YOU CAN cook up some HARD boiled eggs and have one ready for each meal ( ONLY if you wanted to add more protein ) 
ABOUT the BEANS   *If you are surprised to see beans and legumes on any of my lists,  I understand. They are high in protein and if cooked correctly, will not cause gas. They are the most time-consuming ingredient in making your own dog food.  ( if you don't have time Skip this Recipe ) - MORE info on cooking beans at the BOTTOM of this post ... 
I had big doubts about beans so they were the last thing I tried. I cooked pinto beans after soaking for 12 hours. Amazingly, my dogs loved them. This entire step by step process has amazed me many times... 
If you will be feeding this meal daily, I suggest you add some bone meal to the recipe -  Bone meal will give your dog the calcium they need; 
I enjoy the NOW Brand of Bone Meal, You can find this in the HUMAN Vitamin section of your Health food store or on See here 
Yes Calcium builds strong Bones but it also does the following  
  • Required for proper contraction of heart muscles and regulating the heartbeat
  • assists muscle development and prevents muscle cramps
  • plays a role in the absorption of fats and proteins
  • protects against blood clotting
  • protects against colon cancer
  • helps in the transmission of nerve impulses
  • contributes to enzyme function
  • inhibits the absorption of lead into bones and teeth
  • regulates the passage of nutrients through the cell wall
  • used in balancing the pH level in the body

We use NuVET Plus with many of my clients and my personal pets 

Give 1 to 1 1/2 Wafers per day of the NuVET Plus or you can order the liver flavored NuVET Powder 

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WHY do we soak beans ??? 

Soaking allows the beans to release indigestible sugars that make for some gaseous situations.  IF you know what I mean.  

Soaking also makes the beans more digestible. It cleans them more thoroughly (since beans cannot be washed before being sold or they can turn moldy). Finally, soaking beans helps them to cook up in about half the time.

So after the beans have soaked for a while, the soaking water now contains these elements that you are trying to eliminate by soaking the beans in the first place. 
Please Change the water before you cook the beans
And this is why the bean water is discarded. So it is best to drain the water and rinse the beans thoroughly before cooking. 

Sunday, December 13

Cleaning your Dog's or Cat's ears, Canine Ear infection treatments,

How to clean dog's or cat's ears; Canine ear infection treatments, 

Cleaning with apple cider vinegar to maintain a healthy balance 
To prevent infection ; Cleaning dog and cat ears every 1-3 weeks can prevent infections. This can be as simple as a 1:1 blend of organic apple cider vinegar with sterile water.  ( use a clean syringe and squirt or drop some of this solution in pet's ears )   It will drip out and then wipe clean with cotton ball or cotton pad.
The Cleaning above can be done daily when there is discharge and infection noted.
 otherwise 1 -2 x every 3 weeks 

Just a note of caution: 
 Treatment of ear infections in dogs and cats should always begin with an examination and diagnosis by your Veterinarian. 
My disclaimer for this site: 
Marie Peppers, Experience Nurse Trained in Holistic Pet Medicine; Supplements certifications* My comments to your questions are not to be used "in lieu of" veterinarian's advise or treatment 

Supplies for Dog Ear Cleaning

  • Q-tips (these work great as long as you know where to use them.)
  • A few tissues or 100% flat cotton pads 
If they smell or look really dirty, add one of these to the supplies list:
  • organic apple cider vinegar and water 
Make sure your dog is comfortable. Pull up the ear so you can get a good look inside.  I'll get the camera and show you. Ah, here he is 

I've drawn where to clean dog ears with Q-tips and tissue.  No dog ear cleaning in the purple circle area.  No Q-tips in the canal 

If you twist the Q-tip as you wipe with it, the dirt and wax will stick to the Q-tip much better. If ears are really dirty, I use the Flat Cotton pads to wipe the excess gunk .

Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse

Vinegar is a good cleaner. Mix 1 teaspoon raw organic apple cider vinegar with 1/2 cup distilled or spring water. Put a dropper-full (ten drops for a small dog) into the ear and rub at the base of the ear to work it all around. Stand back and let your dog shake it out.
I use Braggs raw organic apple cider vinegar. 
Raw organic apple cider vinegar has medicinal qualities

   ~~~~~~   GREAT for CAT's ears too !  Helps with mites ~~~~~~~

ear infection in cats or    dogs symptoms can be

  • Chronic  ear scratching or rubbing ears against objects
  • Head shaking 
  • Foul smell that may remind you of yeast 
  • Redness 
  • Swelling
  • Matted fur around the ears
  • Stumbling, walking in circles
  • Sleepy red eyes
  • Brown, black secretions 
  • Pinkish-brown ear wax / possible yeast 
  • dark, discharge may be ear mites

WE love this EAR cleaner..  So SAFE and EASY on the EARS..ESPECIALLY dogs with sensitive ears!  

This smells great and VERY SOOTHING to the inside of the EAR..

NO more itchy ears.....

I've been looking for something that would help my dogs ears. She scratches at them like crazy, or I should say she used to! She doesn't have ear mites, her ears aren't dirty, but they bothered her. I ordered this stuff hoping I could get relief for her. After the first application, she stopped scratching!! I put it on for two more days and she hasn't touched her ears in over two weeks. This cleaner works!

       ORDER here from Amazon  


  DO not forget the NuVET Plus ~~~  

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This product, NuVet Plus helps to Keep the EAR infections AWAY.

MOST of my clients take 1 NUVET Plus Wafer per day --

 HELPS to keep them healthy and KEEPS the VET away 

Less shedding. BETTER skin, 
Less ear infections, helps to clear up tear stains, 
HELPS pet's with allergy issues , 
Protects the bones and joints 

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Sunday, July 5

I love this list of fruits my dog can eat

10 fruits your dog can eat

 What fruits are safe for my dog ?

My Husband made up this chart for you. Visual and Cute!

Feel free to share our Blog with your friends.

Please note : grapes in VERY small amounts are not a problem -- Do not feed them very often -- talk to your Vet if you have concerns 

Avacado is added , in small amounts to some commercial dog foods..  IN small amounts it is often safe.  The problem is  the full fruit being fed to your canine can cause severe loose stool and vomiting ..  So , be Careful about feeding Avacado to  your pets.. 

Want to HOME cook for your pet? 

***My comments and answers to your questions or any information in my articles is not to be used "in lieu of" veterinarian's advise, diagnosis, or treatment.** Alternative Medicines for pets; All breed questions are Welcome; ~~~

Complements of  NuVET Plus 

order here 

Zyrtec for your English Bulldog with allergies, Zyrtec & NuVet Plus for allergy dogs,

Does your Dog have...  Itchy dry coat?   Excessive Paw licking?

Zyrtec for your English Bulldog with allergies, Zyrtec & NuVet Plus for allergy dogs, 

SHEDDING all year long ?  Watery eyes?  Tear Stains due to allergies?  

 Many of my clients use Zyrtec and they also use NuVET Plus Supplement 
( wafer TREAT

Give NUVET Plus Wafer or Powder daily to a dog with allergy issues.

 NuVET Helps to REBUILD a weaker immune system and FIGHT off the ALLERGENS that  are hitting your pal 


NUVET Plus and Zyrtec tend to work Well Together


YOU want the green bottle of NuVet Plus Supplement 

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 If you don't see some results within 60 days you can return the unused portion for a full refund ...   

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Questions,  e-mail Marie here 

Many VETS are now offering the Drug Zyrtec for pets. 

Please consult your Vet about adding Zyrtec to your Pet's program 

VET Dosages for Zyrtec are suggested here:

 Cetirazine (Zyrtec)
This may be the best antihistamine for eosinophillic inflammation (one of the primary cell types associated with allergies). It is a formerly prescription-only medication that is now available over the counter.
Available in: 5mg and 10mg tablets
DOG WEIGHT (in pounds)                          Dose
Less than 15                                                One 5 mg tablet once daily
15-39                                                           5 mg  ( 1 to 2 x per day )  
Over 40                                                       10 mg  (1 to 2 x per day ) 

PLEASE talk over Zyrtec with your VET

NuVET Plus is all natural and NOT a drug .

Zyrtec is a drug and it's suggested you verify with your Vet if he/she agrees with the above dosage suggestions.  


( CAT dosage ) see below:                                     

Cetirazine (Zyrtec)
This may be the best antihistamine for eosinophils (one of the primary cell types associated with allergies). It is a formerly prescription-only medication that is now available over the counter.
FELINES can take Zyrtec... do talk to your VET about dosages
Available in: 5mg and 10mg tablets
CATS: 5mg ½ to 1 tablet 1 or 2 times daily.

NOTE: Twice daily dosing is often needed.

If your dog or cat suffers from any of the symptoms listed below, you might benefit from using Zyrtec for dog allergies.
  • Seasonal allergy symptoms
  • Skin allergy symptoms
  • Itchy insect bites
  • Reactions to poison oak or ivy
  • Other itchy, allergy like situations
Zyrtec (cetirizine) is an over-the-counter antihistamine pharmaceutical use to treat dermatitis in dogs.
Cetirizine is the generic name for the name brand product Zyrtec.

WARNING: Do not give your dog ZYRTEC-D.                ZYRTEC-D contains ingredients that can be toxic to your dog.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MY Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 Money Saving tips; Marie Peppers, LPN MA /  English Bulldogs; Experience Nurse for over 17 years,,, Trained in Holistic Pet Medicine; Supplement and Vitamin certifications; My comments and answers to your questions or any information in my articles is not to be a diagnosis, or treatment*.

Need me ? 
My e-mail is 

Mange mite , Does your fur pal have Demodex mange ?

This is a very common question that we get often.  What are these spots on my dog's skin.  It's spreading could it be mange ? 
 Is it ringworm ?  Help 
Please see your local Vet for a skin scrape test.  It is very low cost and easy to do .  Very quick results right there in the Vet's office.  They will scrape a small sample of skin cells and look under the scope.  If it is Demodex Mange they will give you some medication to be taken for an extended period of time.   Often the drug of choice is Ivomec 1 % . Follow your Vet's directions and do not stop the medication too soon.  They may also offer you some DIPS, it's a toxic shampoo..  If at all possible ask if you can skip the dip and just try the oral medications.  All these products that will be offered are pesticides .  Try to use just one of the poisons they will be offering your pet.   All these products will weaken the immune system. 

To combat the poison pesticides we use to kill this mite I suggest a few supplements --  helping the body to heal and build up an stronger immune system.  Dogs with Mange Mites have a weaker immune system and are being treated with dangerous pesticides .
The Pesticides are often a must have to kill the mites that live under the pet's skin .

Most of my clients take the NuVet Plus Wafer Vitamins or Powder daily.
Here is a Testimonial from one pet owner:  There are 1000s just like this:

Hello NuVET,

From May through October of 2009, my dog, A.J., was being treated for contact dermatitis.
In October it was finally diagnosed as Demodex mange caused by a weak immune system.
The vet started treatment to kill the mites causing mange and said the disease was only 10 percent curable.

I was concerned about building up A.J.’s immune system and found information about Nuvet products on the internet. I took the information to a friend in Durango, Colorado, who used to be a vet but is now doing acupuncture. She had a bottle of nuvet wafers on the shelf, tested it and said it would be a good thing for A.J. He is on a fish and sweet potato diet, to which I add NuVet Plus powder , kelp and enzymes.

By January the mites were all dead and A.J.’s fur was growing back. He had another checkup in July 2010, and the vet was thrilled and stated that A.J. was 100 percent cured. This summer we had to make trips to the groomer to cut off the heavy coat of fur. I will continue giving NuVet Plus powder to A.J. for the rest of his life as the product certainly did bolster his immune system.

Patricia Goundry
New Mexico


If your dog has skin problems, mange mites , give NuVET Plus a try ;  ~~ THIS Can be given with any drugs your Vet is also giving your pet  .. this product is NOT sold in stores.. It's Natural.. Many Vet's also use NuVET Plus on their patients.  
It's great for ALL ages and stages -- Helps with itchy skin, shedding, mange, hot spots and other skin irritations ;  

To order go to 

Or call in   1-800-474-7044  tell them Pet Nurse Marie sent you -                                                                            Give order    code  81098                                  

WE also have NUVET Plus in a Powder form

Please Remember I am NOT a Vet --  My Disclaimer : 

; Marie Peppers, LPN MA / ; English Bulldogs ; Experience Nurse for over 17 years,,, Trained in Holistic Pet Medicine; Supplement and Vitamin certifications;
 My comments and answers to your questions or any information in my articles is not to be diagnosis, or treatment*.


One more thing you can add to your Dog's program is Vitamin E ---  it's amazing for the Skin, Coat and immune system .... It really does help to heal the body;

General recommended dosage is 400 IU per day for small dogs and 800 IU per day for larger dogs.

Here is one of the  brands I recommend :  

Natures's made is a good brand..   this one is for a small/ medium size dog at 400 IU  ( 1 per day with food ) 

Questions?  Feel free to e-mail me at 

Blast Away Mange !