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FIGHT fleas and ticks, Diatomaceous Earth Human grade flea control, NuVet Plus for fleas, Bug off Garlic canine fleas, natural soap canine fleas

This is my Flea/ Tick Fighter Plan --
  YOU need to do all the steps to make it work -  As for heart worm treatment I do use the Ivomec ( Ivermectin) - 
I do NOT buy the MIXTURE such as Trifexis Brand, as I feel it's  dangerous ...
 (JUST my 2 Cents )


 MUST be HUMAN GRADE ONLY ( or called FOOD GRADE)  -  Healthy flea control:   ( food grade ) 

I wrote this last spring;  it's still the Same plan ... Natural options if at all possible:
by Marie Peppers, LPN MA  

This is the only thing that is working this summer ! -   MY S.C. Summers are awful !!
Alternative Treatments for Fleas/ Tics  on Pets 

  Diatomaceous Earth (DE)- food grade/ human grade 

( Dust or slowly rub in to the skin - do not leave on top of the coat) 

Dust on your Pet every  few days --- YES...LEARN MORE: 
 ( work the powder sprinkles into the skin )
DE is to be used on your pet and  IN the  YARD - also
, I sprinkle it onto my dogs and cats ( and the Goats too)
- It is safe and natural if it is the DE - here is what I order so you know what
I am talking about...

Human Grade DE ( can be found at many FEED and FARM stores or on-line)

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
A low cost, non-toxic, safe mineral made of crushed fossils. Pure Diatomaceous
Earth can be used during the parasite season both internally and externally to
improve health, appearance, and well-being of animals. Diatomaceous Earth is a
product that can be used as a nutritional supplement for a wide variety of
conditions. Contains the highest concentration of pure, raw Diatomaceous Earth
available.  BUY HERE:  

I buy my from Revival Animal Health -  there are many places that sell it.  JUST don't let anyone talk you into anything but the Human grade level of D.E. powder
PLEASE remember I am just a Pet Nurse and Not a Vet .... Thanks


   NuVet Plus Supplement KEEPs the Fleas Away !!!  I am not kidding -- Fleas do not like the taste of a Healthy Dog's blood ;  

A MUST --- For a Healthy Pet : 
Marie also gives all her Pets and Foster dogs NuVET Plus -  IT's a Supplement 

NuVET Plus ;  Helps to keep the Fleas away ;
HELP with Shedding 
HELP with itchy Dry coat 

Fleas don't like the blood of a Healthy NuVet  Pet ! 

 Or call 1-800-474-7044 and discount code 81098 

Tell them Pet Nurse Marie Sent you... 

Ask for the special AUTO- SHIP Discount 
referral code 81098
60 day money back guarantee 
Bottles start at only 19,99 
(19.99, 39.99 or 55.00 )

PLEASE call in if you want  the smaller sized bottles 


  For your Yard - Use with Caution -- YARD ONLY 

I am Including this tip - I HOPE you will READ and EDUCATE yourself before you use this product in your yard -  I use it 3 x per SEASON to control bugs in the yard and yes fleas ;
Seven Dust must be used with caution - I only go to areas around the  house that a cool and moist as that is where fleas tend to hatch - I DO NOT use this all over the yard -  I hit certain areas around the house foundation -
PLEASE NEVER apply this to your PET -- YOU will hear some crazy people do this to save money - It's nuts 

Go to LOWES or another Gardening Center and buy this product 

USE it only in your YARD and NEVER on the PETS 

to help control the fleas and flies. We just sprinkle it all over the ground and then lightly rake it in. 

Use a container that has a shaker on top. The product is very fine, like talcum powder, so a shaker enables you to put Sevin Dust exactly where it is needed. ( WATCH YOUR eyes and wear a mask to avoid breathing it in ) 

WAIT 30 minutes before you put the pets back outside

LEARN MORE --  Read more:

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MY New Added Supplement to my program is this product from Springtime,  It's called Bug Off 

I have used Garlic in the past but this time I am trying this VERY safe product of Dry Garlic Granules - this is NOT Raw full potency Garlic this is Air Dried Garlic Granules that are recommended by thousands of Holistic Veterinarians for Flea and Tic Control 

I have been giving it to our pets for 24  months now - WE are in HOT South Carolina and so far so good...
I will post often on our progress 
Garlic is also good for Chronic Ear infections as it is a Natural Antibiotic 

• Provides a 24-hour shield against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, etc.*
• Safe, effective alternative to chemical products
• One of the world's most powerful antioxidant foods
• Promotes friendly bacteria in the digestive tract*
• Provides four times more organic sulfur than any other food
• Contains natural MSM
• Stimulates immunity - antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, & anti-parasitic* 

About GARLIC -- SOME People well tell you GARLIC is poison ..

 I DO not agree with that at all -  

Garlic is a problem if you feed large amounts of PURE full strength  Garlic every day to a dog -- ( this is my opinion ) 

LARGE amounts can cause anemia ... 
Garlic in normal dosages is very healthy --        

                                   Do some research and you will see many studies PROs and CONs

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Wednesday, April 16

Heatstroke in your pet ; bulldogs overheat ; all pets can have heatstroke

With the nice warm weather comes a risk of heatstroke in pets - DOG or CAT, YOUNG or OLD.                     

  Please know the signs and know what to do to save your pet in an emergency:

                     This message is brought to you from Pet Nurse Marie Peppers 


Please take a look around my Blog 

Many tips and trick on Saving Money on your Vet bills 

CHRONIC  Ear infections ?
TEAR Stains 

READ this Article 

Saturday, April 12

Finally a Remedy for yeast ear infections in your dog.

Tear Stains and no help from your VET?  Chronic ear infections and the Vet can't help you?  See Yeast bacteria solutions: 

NuVET Plus Helps to Reduce ear infections 

( My suggestions are not to take the place of your licensed Vet )   Seek Vet care for any infection or Illness -  Try Holistic Measures after you have had a diagnosis -- Thanks 

NuVET Supplements and a good Probiotic  ( PEARLS ) 

will help REVERSE the Cycle 

(also, look for a quality grain free food )

Did you know PEARLS Probiotics and NuVet Plus Supplement has Reduced or cured many dogs with chronic Tear stains and Ear Infections? 

This really works if it's YEAST overgrowth that your pet has in his gut and skin.
OFTEN we need to HEAL from the inside out .

THIS Pearl gets digested in the small intestine and gets PAST the stomach acids 

Pick up some PEARLS - it's a probiotic in the Blue box -
 MOST dogs will need 1 PEARL per day for 90 Days and that's it.
 (short term) - sometimes 120 days...  - It's Natural and safe -


It's for humans but pets take it too. IT will help to balance out the Yeast and balance out the ITCHIES.....YOU can find Pearls at Walmart / Target/ CVS / Walgreens

THIS Is not a drug, it's a Supplement ... 

SEE NuVET Plus Wafer info and ordering Below -- NuVET and PEARLS Probiotics work together.        
Most Supplements for Pets are the SAME THING WE GIVE HUMANS.  

MOST drugs - MEDS your VET orders are Human meds that are packaged under different names or made for a Dog's palate adding beef or liver flavoring 

Must  be this box with only the acidophilus -- 

               order here _______**

PEARLS make it through the stomach acid as many other probiotics do not ...  
That is why I love the PEARLS formula 

For a Bad Ear infection, PLEASE see your local Vet ...  

PLEASE also use this : NuVET Plus Wafers 

not sold in stores

NUVET PLUS  -- MORE than 15 years in Business of Human grade level ingredients for pets..  That is why NuVET plus is Rated one of the top pet Vitamins in the USA 


For NuVET Products; 

   You can  call M-F  1-800-474-7044    tell them discount referral code 81098 for the 60 DAY Money back guaranteed program -- YES - Guaranteed to  work or your Money Back 

60 Day MONEY BACK guarantee- EVEN TASTE is Guaranteed !!!  

                                                       ORDER NuVET Products here    

 hit link  HERE TO ORDER           

Stop the allergies from coming back With NuVEt Plus 

Get to the Source of Your Dog's Allergy Problem!

Just like with humans, allergies are one of the most common issues affecting our pets today. Dog allergies have a wide spectrum of symptoms and causes. The biggest challenge about dogs with allergy problems is that the source of the problem is often not addressed and subsequently mistreated. The symptoms are treated without solving the underlying issue. NuVet Plus not only helps addresses the symptoms, it also helps deal with the core problem, safely helping to heal and rebuild damaged nerve sheaths that have become hypersensitive due to numerous elements. NuVet Plus helps to eliminate the issue.

Over 30 Natural Ingredients & Nutrients

- Formulated for Easy Digestion

MOIST Ears?  YOU must try this ear powder ~~~   

I use this often and after every bath: 

A MUST is EAR POWDER - SEE here ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I also use DRY EAR powder for dogs with WET or Yeasty ears - USE 2-3 X per week and after Bath time..

Squirt this Powder into the ears -- ALL natural and will dry up any excessive liquid or wetness ;  YOU can find Well & Good products at Pet Co  -- I like this one as the ingredients are natural   EAR Powder  Ingredients:
Talc, Bentonite, Silicon Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Witch Hazel Leaf, Rosemary Extract, Aloe Vera.

Dozer, one of  my clients 

Friday, February 21

NuJoint DS for canine hip and joint pain; NuJoint VS. Cosequin DS ,

Canine Joint supplement, age 15 months and over,  
NuJoint Plus or NuJoint DS  ( helps to AVOID Arthritis ) 

No more hip and joint pain with NuJoint Plus

 NuJoint DS is Similar to Cosequin DS 

No Rimadyl, go with NuJoint ... Safe / Natural 


Signs of a Potentially Life-threatening Reaction to Rimadyl

loss of appetite
change in drinking habits (refusal to drink or increased water consumption)
unusual pattern of urination, blood in the urine, sweet-smelling urine, an overabundance of urine, urine accidents in the house
black, tarry stools or flecks of blood in the vomit
lethargy, drowsiness, hyperactivity, restlessness, aggressiveness
staggering, stumbling, weakness or partial paralysis, full paralysis, seizures, dizziness, loss of balance
jaundice (yellowing of the skin, mucus membranes and whites of the eyes)

 NuJoint DS

This hip and joint therapy supplement has increased anti-inflammatory properties that can help dogs of all ages by accelerating the healing process and reducing pain quickly.   It can also be used as a preventative measure to help reduce the risk of osteoarthritis and cartilage deterioration, and it supports optimal joint health and mobility by lubricating joints, rebuilding cartilage and reducing free radical damage.  
NuJoint Double Strength has increased amounts of the active ingredients MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), Glucosamine, and Chondroitin, as well as Vitamin C, which is required for the synthesis of collagen.  As with all of our products, we use only the highest-quality pharmaceutical, human grade ingredients, cold-processed and specifically compounded in a FDA-registered laboratory for maximum potency and effectiveness.NuJoint DS 
(Double Strength) - Anti-inflammatory hip & joint therapy for dogs - 120 wafers.
 Dosage: Up to 10 lbs=1/2 tablet; 10-24 lbs=1 tablet; 25-49 lbs=2 tablets; 50-100 lbs=3 tablets; over 100 lbs=4 tablets  

ORDER your NuVET and NuJOINT products here -  this link: 
SALE !!!!! ( 59.90.00 ASK HOW you can get the 10% Off DISCOUNT on every bottle you buy ... forever !     

 use Discount code 81098 and call  1-800-474-7044 

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 use Discount code 81098 and call  1-800-474-7044 or order here; 

NuJoint Plus and NuJoint Plus DS will all give you a discount if you ask for the Auto ship program ;
Tell them Pet Nurse Marie sent you with order code 81098

this is for All Breeds of Dogs 

                                                                   One of my Long time Clients,  JAKE 

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