Sunday, October 28

Relief for dry coat; Hot spots; Scratching ; Excessive shedding !

NuVET Plus Supplement and TEA Tree Shampoo by NuVet,  has healded Dena's Dogs;

Dena has seen amazing results with her dog's coat Mr. Jasper!

Dena also has seen healing of a Chronic Staph infection on her Grandbullie's back ;                                  Her Daughter's dog, Little Bruno, had a long term skin infection that the Vet was having trouble healing ;

 ONCE they STARTED to use the TEA Tree shampoo and the NuVET wafers , the skin started to heal and fur is growing back in !
They are also feeding a good quality food and using probiotics .



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NuVET is a Wafer or  also offered in a Powder form
The Shampoo is offered in small or large size bottles .. ( the shampoo can be used every 3 days )


Canine & Feline Formulas
offered in WAFER or POWDER forms 

Major considerations in formulating NuVet Plus® were the human grade quality of ingredients and their nutritional values, as well as the bio digestibility and utilization into the cellular framework. We also considered the chemicals and toxins that find their way into our animals' food. NuVet Plus® was formulated to combat these harmful pollutants.

NuVet Labs® has designed a cutting edge formula that we believe will help increase your pet's longevity and quality of life. Our scientists performed extensive research and experiments with a variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs, until they created NuVet Plus®, which provides a powerful synergistic defense against the harm caused by free radicals.

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Also  .  ....  ORDER the NuVET Tea Tree Shampoo  ( HOT spot shampoo)  GREAT for dry coat and shedding
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Wednesday, October 17

Arthritis in your Canine ; Stiff legs ? NuJoint Plus

STIFF LEGS / Dogs with Arthritis: This works and it's NOT A drug ... 

Scrappy loves his NuJOINT Plus --- Ask Ruthann  Of GA English Bulldog Rescue - his Mom ;   


RIP Scrappy, He was an amazing NuJOINT plus Spokes Doggie 

        ( 60 day Challenge- money back guarantee) Arthritis is generally a wear-and-tear disease seen more often in older dogs. As a result of continual rubbing, the cartilage wears away leaving bone ends exposed to each other. 
Since there are no nerve endings in the cartilage, no pain is felt until the cartilage is worn away; but when that happens, the edges of bones rub together causing pain and inflammation.

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Tuesday, October 16

Mast Cell tumors in Dogs, ask your Vet about the New studies;

Category:Alternative Medicine for Pets
Subject:Mast Cell Tumors - treatments to consider; 
Question:My 5 month old American Bulldog had five tumors removed and one came back mast cell cancer grade 2.    I had been feeding her Acana, but now I am giving her one raw meal of Nature's Variety a day.   My husband is retired and we have limited funds.   What do you recommend for her?

Answer:Mast cell tumors in canines.

Hi Debbie, Glad you did see the Vet for help and diagnosis ;  I am giving you a link to info on Mast Cell Tumors;  there have also been some studies done with Benadryl for Mast Cell tumors;
 Please talk to you Vet about this Benadryl Study;  SEE page

I would also suggest a great Immune supplement : NuVet Plus  ( tell them Pet Nurse Marie sent you  #81098 )
39.99 or 55.00  ( see site for more info)

NuVet Plus® help fight the cause of tumors by creating a strong immune system, it is also a very complete formula that will support all your pet’s internal systems.

Why NuVET :  

Beneficial Ingredients

Listed below are a few of the NuVet Plus® ingredients that are particularly beneficial for your pet with tumors:

• Beta carotene (Vitamin A) –This valuable antioxidant synergizes with Vitamin C to support skin, immune system and mucous membrane health to protect the body against invading toxins. Together, beta carotene and Vitamin A destroy carcinogens before they can interfere with cell development and trigger tumor development.

• Brewer’s yeast – a rich source of B complex vitamins, brewer’s yeast contains the trace mineral chromium and a high quality protein that aids in tissue formation and the assimilation of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Healthy tissue prevents the development of tumors, as it resists invasion by carcinogens and other toxins that can interfere with proper cell development.

• Cat’s claw (una de gato) – an ancient herb from the Peruvian rain forest that contains bio-active compounds,  such as sterols, polyphenols, proanthocyanidins, oxindole alkaloids, quinovic acid, glycosides and triterpenes. It acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent and boosts the immune system, particularly white blood cell function. Its antioxidant properties strengthen the immune system against invasion by carcinogens,  toxins and the development of tumors.

• L-Methionine– This important amino acid contains sulfur, a free radical neutralizer that prevents cells from “going rogue,” attacking surrounding healthy cells and growing into tumors.
• Magnesium – Research shows that this trace mineral has successfully prevented certain cancers from developing.

• Papain – This substance helps the body to break down and convert protein into arginine; studies have shown that arginine inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells.
• Selenium –This trace mineral, a particularly powerful anti-oxidant when combined with Vitamin E, prevents lipid (fat) oxidation, free radical formation and the growth of certain tumors.
• Shark cartilage – Studies show that shark cartilage can shrink some cancerous tumors, especially those that fail to respond to conventional treatment as it contains a protein that interferes with development of the blood vessel networks that nourish tumors. Without nourishment from the blood stream, tumors die.

• Vitamin C – Vitamin C, a valuable antioxidant that fights infections, promotes cell growth, tissue repair and immune system health, maintains the structure of connective tissues and skin and strengthens the body against the effects of stress. Stress can wear an animal’s body down to the point where it can no longer resist damage from carcinogens and toxins or invasion by harmful viruses and bacteria. The addition of Vitamin C to the diet keeps tissues, skin and the immune system strong enough to resist the effects of stress. Vitamin C also protects other anti-oxidants like Vitamin E, protects brain and spinal cord cells from free radical damage and increases the body’s synthesis of interferon, a naturally-occurring anti-viral substance. This important vitamin plays a vital role in immune system health.

Looks like you are feeding a great food ;  Just add the NuVET Plus to your program !
PAWS crossed...  Keep me posted at :

Marie Peppers LPN MA
***My comments and answers to your questions or any information in my articles is not to be used "in lieu of" veterinarian's advise, diagnosis, or treatment.**

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Tuesday, September 25

Updated Dog Food Recalls - Save this!

It seems like we hear RECALL almost weekly!

                      Keep on top of the latest recalls here:


                                                Excellent and trusted site: see here:

Check back to this BLOG often ... Always updated info!

Monday, September 3

Dog Meatloaf recipe or Meatballs for dogs

Doggy MeatLoaf:      R E C I P E  -    Be your Pet's CHEF   - this Doggie Meatloaf can be made into Meatballs - ... Just have fun

  ( PLEASE contact me so I can ADJUST this Recipe for your Dog's Weight and needs ) 
This was set up for a 11 month old Boston Terrier at 16 pounds ) 

WE have had Good luck with this Recipe:

This recipe uses egg as a binder; bake it like a meat loaf, with bread crumbs.  As presented here, with these ingredients, it is about 30 percent protein, 25 percent fat, and 38 percent carbohydrates. 
If you need Wheat FREE bread crumbs - here is a link:   to Gillian's Foods 

FEED Daily:  for the Boston Terrier :

 ( 1 inch size slices of the meat loaf )  2 x per day   ( for you size dog )  ( 15-18 pound dog )

( at night you may want to do 1 1/2 slices ) - JUST see if he is hungry 

( FEED 1/4 cup of a quality Dry ( LOW grain or NO grain Kibble per day ) - as a snack 

WE like the Fromm's Brand of Dog food - also Blue Buffalo is good: 


CHOOSE 1 meat: 

2 lbs  fairly lean   *****( YOU will do Ground Chicken or Ground Turkey )  ( skip the beef )/ for this month-

 3 cups of bread crumbs  - plain  -  See Wheat free link above if you need it - 

1/8  of a  cup 2 % low fat  milk

3   large eggs

2 teaspoons of CRUSHED egg Shell --  - Smash it   ( it's for Calcium) 

1/2 cup cooked vegetables ( green beans / peas/ others) ( grated and mush)  *** ( TRY GREEN BEANS but cut them up orSmash them )

( do not put the NuVET into the Recipe ) - 

(YOU can not balance this Recipe without a Quality Supplement)

*** 1 NuVET wafer vitamin ** each day - see below:    ( PER DAY PER DOG )  ( NuVET is a must to balance out home cooking )

1 teaspoon  vegetable oil

1/8  teaspoon  LOW SALT  tamari soy sauce 

order your NuVET here- I do get a small % and give BACK to Pet Rescue 

 go here:  ( you are looking for the NuVET Plus Wafer )   - if you go on auto ship you save 15% on every bottle 
use my Name if they ask you -  Pet Nurse Marie 

* press the mixture into a casserole dish so it’s 1 to 2 inches thick and bake at 350°F for 30 to 35minutes, or until set and lightly browned.

YOU can try beef - 89% or more Lean hamburger in about 1 month - 

Follow my Pet Health blog often:

No more Allergies and tear stains ! My Bulldog FACE looks GREAT ! Thanks NuVet Plus and Miss Marie

Jake , update - 3 years later , still looking good ; No excessive shedding and No tear stains ;  My ears look good, too! 

 I love getting the Praise Reports on NuVET Plus !!!!

Testimonial for NuVET !!!   This is Jake :

I'm a NuVet dog!  I take all my vitamins so I grow up big and strong.                                                         Thanks Miss Marie! I look and feel like a million bucks!

- Jake the bulldog MOM SAYS ~~~
 ***No tear stains, no red paws, no paw odor, no tail pocket issues....just shiny, thick coat, better energy level, and overall healthier look to him.
You can just look at him and know he feels great inside.                                                                                  And it makes me feel like a good momma :)

Bulldogs tend to have Allergies, Tear stains, Tail pocket infections, chronic ear infections ;
 NuVET helps to prevent and protect your pets !

We also recommend a good quality food with little to no Fillers --- No Corn.
Currently we are using the Merrick Brand of Dog food -  

Fromm's Brand is also an excellent brand with NO recalls                  

FOR the NuVET Supplement :

you may go here to order ;       

Note:  This product is Not available to the general public without an Order Code supplied by your Pet Professional.   ( 81098- Pet nurse Marie)  

We're one of the oldest US pet supplement companies on the market today.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If this isn't the most incredible pet supplement you've ever had, we'll give your money back.

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Wednesday, August 29

Beneful - WARNING

Warnings on Beneful dog food!  

 ( YOU want help, ask me :  Ask the Pet Nurse

Please, please, please do not feed your dogs Beneful.  We know Beneful is a major cause of skin and ear allergies, but most of the summer dogs have been becoming deathly ill after eating Beneful.  Some with seizures, some severe GI distress, 
some organ failure and some even died. Purina should win an academy award for all its fancy advertising that would brainwash you into thinking Beneful was good for your dogs.  Exactly the opposite is true. See all these consumer complaints on the link. If you need advice in choosing a safe and healthy food, our staff is well trained in nutritional counseling and we can help you make a good decision

The above post was a warning on a VET's web site:

They are trying to warn the clients about how POOR a food it is...

Good for them!

Thursday, August 23

Canine Wound Healing with Colloidal Silver

Canine Wound Healing with Silver ;


My dog has, what I believe started as, an ingrown hair on his back.  I shaved the area (because I originally thought it was one of his fatty tumor bumps) and realized it had a head and looked like a volcano.  I squeezed it and got a lot of hard "gunk" out of it.  Cleaned it well with physoderm and betadine and it looked good for a while, then started lumping up again.  I squeezed again and it "popped" and some more gunk (hard, not liquidy).  Pretty sure he needs antibiotics to clear it up, but my question is, I have Keflex and clyndamiacyn at home, but just need to know the dosage for a 90lb dog and which might be the best choice.  I believe both are broad spectrum antibiotics. 


Hi Lynn, It would be best to have the area cultured and then placed on a antibiotic.
Please give your Vet a call for an exam.  Because your dog already has a number of fatty tissue areas, it would be wise to have the exam.

You can clean the area with Witch Hazel 2 x per day - 
 You can find this at any CVS, Walgreens or Walmart.
  Also, the Natural Antibiotic I use often is Colloidal Silver:
  Look for Silver Shield at your local Vitamin/Nutrition Stores:
Silver Shield is a Colloidal Silver gel or liquid you can use direct onto the wound.
This is all Natural and Not a drug.

This is what Silver Shield looks like:

Because I am not a Vet, I am not allowed to give you the dosage for your dog using Keflex or Clyndamiacyn.  ( sorry)

HOPE you decide to try the Colloidal Silver as a Natural Antibiotic.

Best Wishes,

Marie Peppers LPN MA , Pet Chef
PLEASE try my Vitamin Supplements - NuVET- SEE here:
EXCELLENT - Natural and SAFE     here to order ; 

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Wednesday, August 22

Natural Product for Flea control on your dogs, cats and farm animals, too!

I get so many request for this info: 

FLEA PROBLEM ? TICKS : Fleas die with this Natural Powder!  

This is the only thing that is working this summer ! -  Alternative Treatments for Fleas on Pets :   

Dust on your Pet every  few days --- YES...LEARN MORE:
DE is to be used on your pet and  IN the  YARD - also, I sprinkle it onto my dogs and cats ( and the Goats too)
- It is safe and natural if it is the DE - here is what I order so you know what
I am talking about...
Human Grade DE ( can be found at many FEED and FARM stores or on-line)

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

A low cost, non-toxic, safe mineral made of crushed fossils. Pure Diatomaceous
Earth can be used during the parasite season both internally and externally to
improve health, appearance, and well-being of animals. Diatomaceous Earth is a
product that can be used as a nutritional supplement for a wide variety of
conditions. Contains the highest concentration of pure, raw Diatomaceous Earth

SEE here: , link:

I buy my from Revival Animal Health -  there are many places that sell it.  JUST don't let anyone talk you into anything but the Human grade level of D.E. powder
PLEASE remember I am just a Pet Nurse and Not a Vet .... Thanks

  This Works !  Diatomaceous Earth    ( DE- only HUMAN grade for your pets)

NEED help,  write me 

Sunday, July 22

Pit with skin issues; Natural help for itchy canines ;

Question   ( Pit with Skin issues) 

Hello, My female pit is 58.5 lbs and has skin issues mostly under front shoulders and under hips now she has gotten dandruff pretty severe. Tired of going to vet shots antibiotics etc. Have  changed her food from Nutro to Wellness Simple Solutions Rice and duck. As the vet said she probably was allergic to grain.  At vets gave vetalog and intermectin injections did skin scrape test etc every time i go its 80 -90 dollars  tired of that. Any suggestions for home remedy would be appreciated. I have been told by a pit owner  for dandruff issue to give her coconut oil on her food? Her skin issues are mostly red rash under shoulders and hips which she will scratch until she bleeds. For her shampoo i have vet recommended Epi-smooth.   Thank you for any suggestions 

SEE -    Answer here:

Friday, July 20

CORKSCREW TAIL : Tail Pocket problems? Yeast / ? chronic infection

BABY size Wash Cloths 100% cotton 

For the Tail Pocket Irritations and Yeast : Get some UNSCENTED Huggies Baby wipes and add a little water and a teaspoon of Witch Hazel to the wipe - SEE if you can get any of the wipe into the area - YOU MAY First Want to give him a bath with a gentile pet shampoo , then dry as best you can - Paying special attention to washing that problem area and rinse well: ( then , do the witch hazel wipes - Dry the area with a baby face cloth or 100% cotton Infant  face cloth - get your fingers into the groves if he will allow you.
~~the little Infant face cloths are great for this tight area 

After that apply Neosporin ointment into the area 1 x per day for 5 days: ( if there are any open areas or slight bloody discharge ) 

AFTER the 5 days - apply Tinactin ointment ( cream) into the area for 10 days -  ( use as needed after the 10 days ) 

 ( you can buy Tinactin at CVS)- it's an anti-fungal -  ( Walmart or Walgreens) 

Another option is Monostat cream 

PLEASE always remember to consult your local VET

Supplement for YEAST and ALLERGY Dogs

 NuVET Plus - and they give you a 60 Day Guarantee... NO drugs/ Natural 

PLEASE start him on the NuVET supplement - Give him 1  Wafers of the NuVET Plus ,  per day long term : 

NuVet is not sold in stores - SEE here:

My NuVET site is - YOU can order and they will ship out Today ( QUICK shipping ) :

OR call 1-800-474-7044 ( tell them order code 81098)   ALSO - they offer a 15% discount when you go on Auto ship



Experience Nurse for over 17 years,,, Trained in Holistic Pet Medicine; Supplement and Vitamin certifications; My comments and answers to your questions or any information in my articles is not to be diagnosis, or treatment*.