NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Sunday, April 15

Poison Plants and your dog, know the risk

Poison plants and your canine: KNOW the risks 

I have a client that I am working with on Home-cooking ;  Her Dog's liver is damaged and almost died from Sago Palm -- I guess they like to munch on this little palm.. READ about it.   It's used in many places.... 
She will be having her Vet review my home-cooked recipes for approval.
The Vet wanted her to use the Hill's RX dog food  ( I have alternatives to that )

Toxicity of  " Sago Palm " Plant/ small tree 

Cycad Sago Palm is extremely poisonous to animals (this includes humans) if ingested. Pets are at particular risk since they seem to find the plant very palatable.[2] Clinical symptoms of ingestion will develop within 12 hours and may include vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, seizures, liver failure, or hepatotoxicity characterized by icterus, cirrhosis, and ascites.  The pet may appear bruised, have nose bleeds (epistaxis), melena (blood in the stool), hematochezia (bloody straining), and hemarthrosis (blood in the joints).[3] The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center estimates a fatality rate of 50 to 75 percent when ingestion of the Sago Palm is involved.  The incidence of Sago Palm ingestion by pets has risen by over 200% in the last five years.[4] If any quantity of the plant is ingested, a poison control center or doctor should be contacted immediately. Effects of ingestion can include permanent internal damage and death.
All parts of the plant are toxic; however, the seeds contain the highest level of the toxin cycasin. Cycasin causes gastrointestinal irritation, and in high enough doses, leads to liver failure.[5] Other toxins include Beta-methylamino L-alanine, a neurotoxic amino acid, and an unidentified toxin which has been observed to cause hindlimb paralysis in cattle.

SEE more:

LOOK For this plant in any areas that get 86 or above in the summer months: It does, however, require hot summers with mean temperatures of 30 to 35 °C (86 to 95 °F) for successful growth, making outdoor growing impossible in colder places such as northern Europe or the Northeast US, even where winter temperatures are not too cold. One disadvantage of its domestic use is that it is poisonous to animals (this includes humans).

PLEASE pass on my page to your friends- Warn them about this...

 I GET reports like THIS all the time: PLEASE share the above link: 

A dog owner's account of this Potential Disaster!

I had a major plant poison scare with my dogs yesterday. They got into a Sago palm and after researching the dangers, rushed them to the emergency animal hospital. The initial exam did not indicate they ingested any of the plant and when I went through the leaves, I didn't see any that were chewed and there were no nuts/seeds laying around (the most dangerous part.) The scary part is there is no real way of knowing for the first 2-3 days. By the time I discovered they had been tug-o-warring with a Sago Palm frawn, it was too late to rely on forced vomitting. My next option was activated charcoal - the liquid stuff with sorbital for faster absorbtion - not a fun treatment to give a dog and it's messy. I'm hopeful that this was just a scare and that they didn't ingest any of the sago palm (or not enough to cause death or permanent liver damage.) You have a very limited amount of time to prevent death and permanent damage. Anyway, if you have any sago palms or other poisonous plants - please get rid of them. They must think I'm a crazy mom for rushing them to the doc in the middle of the night and feeding them awful black charcoal glue-like substance. Poor doggies :( Just sharing in case anyone in this group is unaware of the dangers of Sago palm. Also, it's best to buy activated charcoal and keep it at home for just in case situations for most types of poisonings. it's impossible to find when you need it but easy to find on the internet when you don't. Please wish us luck that they are ok! ( Activated Charcoal comes in a capsule form , too ) KEEP on hand ...

Friday, April 13

No MORE Fleas ! Fleas die with this Natural Powder!  

Healthy flea control: 
I wrote this last spring;  it's still the Same plan ... Natural options if at all possible:
by Marie Peppers, LPN MA  

This is the only thing that is working this summer ! -  
Alternative Treatments for Fleas on Pets :  

Dust on your Pet every  few days --- YES...LEARN MORE: 
 ( work the powder sprinkles into the skin )
DE is to be used on your pet and  IN the  YARD - also
, I sprinkle it onto my dogs and cats ( and the Goats too)
- It is safe and natural if it is the DE - here is what I order so you know what
I am talking about...

Human Grade DE ( can be found at many FEED and FARM stores or on-line)

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
A low cost, non-toxic, safe mineral made of crushed fossils. Pure Diatomaceous
Earth can be used during the parasite season both internally and externally to
improve health, appearance, and well-being of animals. Diatomaceous Earth is a
product that can be used as a nutritional supplement for a wide variety of
conditions. Contains the highest concentration of pure, raw Diatomaceous Earth
I buy my from Revival Animal Health -  there are many places that sell it.  JUST don't let anyone talk you into anything but the Human grade level of D.E. powder
PLEASE remember I am just a Pet Nurse and Not a Vet .... Thanks

  This Works !  Diatomaceous Earth    ( DE- only HUMAN grade for your pets)

ALSO  ~~~~ 
A MUST --- For a Healthy Pet : 
Marie also gives all her Pets and Foster dogs NuVET Plus -  IT's a Supplement 

NuVET Plus ;  Helps to keep the Fleas away ;

Fleas don't like the blood of a Healthy NuVet  Pet ! 

Don't forget your NuVET Plus Wafers, too!
Tell them Pet Nurse Marie Sent you... 
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referral code 81098
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Bottles start at only 19,99 
(19.99, 39.99 or 55.00 )
PLEASE call in for the smaller sized bottles 
How NuVet® Can Help       ( 60 day money back guarantee on all NuVET products ) 

NuVet®’s Hot Spot Treatment Spray offers immediate relief from the agony of hot spots. It contains natural eucalyptus extract and aloe vera to comfort and heal hot spots, flea bites and flea allergy dermatitis. We know aloe vera for its soothing and healing properties when applied to wounds, but did you know that eucalyptus is an effective, natural anti-inflammatory with germicidal properties that make it an ideal antiseptic and antibacterial agent? When applied to the skin, eucalyptus extract creates an antiseptic ozone barrier that protects your dog against bacterial infection. By including eucalyptus extract and aloe vera in its Hot Spot Treatment Spray,  NuVet® minimizes inflammation and skin damage from a flea bite-mediated itching and scratching response.

NuVet Plus®, an all natural supplement made from the finest human-grade ingredients, is formulated in an FDA approved laboratory used to produce human pharmaceuticals. As with any vitamin and nutritional supplement, the quality of ingredients in combination with the manufacturing process determines how effective it will be for your pet. The use of this kind of high-tech, superior quality manufacturing facility is unheard of in the pet industry, but NuVet Labs® knows that no greater value can be placed on our beloved four legged members of the family.
NuVet Plus® is 100% guaranteed for purity, safety, and effectiveness. As one of the oldest and most respected companies in the pet industry, NuVet Labs® protects your purchase with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Please refer to our Guarantee for further details.
The vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs contained in NuVet Plus® help to strengthen your pet’s skin and immune system against potential damage from flea bites, allergic reactions to flea saliva and secondary infections. Not only will NuVet Plus® strengthen your pet’s immune system against flea bites and flea bite-mediated complications, but it is a complete formula that will support all your pet’s internal systems. Listed below are a few of the NuVet Plus® ingredients that are particularly beneficial for your dog or cat with fleas:
• Alfalfa – Alfalfa supplies many of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids (especially tryptophane), digestive enzymes and protein that a balanced diet requires, including the A, B-6, D, E, and K vitamins, beta-carotene, fiber and chlorophyll, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, potassium and several trace minerals. The alfalfa in NuVet Plus® builds a strong and healthy body that resists damage from flea bites and development of related complications such as flea allergy dermatitis, hot spots and secondary infections. Strong, healthy skin resists allergic reactions and hot spot wounds from forming.
• Amino acids – Amino acids provide a double blow against flea bites and related complications by strengthening the skin and coat against flea bites and increasing the antioxidant activity of certain enzymes. The amino acid L-Methionine is especially useful in strengthening skin against flea bites and flea bite allergies and aids in wound healing to prevent the development of hot spots.
• Blue green algae – This important nutrient contains ample amounts of chlorophyll, a natural detoxifier and blood cleanser that helps flush hot spot-mediated infections out of your dog’s body.  It strengthens the immune system, supports rapid wound healing, enhances red blood cell production and maintains nervous system health. Blue green algae supplementation builds a strong defense against flea bites and strengthens hypersensitive nerve sheaths against the itching response.

• Brewer’s yeast – Brewer’s yeast is a rich source of B complex vitamins; Vitamins B-1, B-9 and B-12, in particular, support and strengthen the nervous system against the itching response. Brewer’s yeast supplementation has also proven effective against the development of severe flea infestations.
• Cat’s claw (una de gato) – Cat’s claw is an ancient herb from the Peruvian rain forest that acts as an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory and an immune system enhancer against flea bite-mediated allergic responses and infections. Its anti-inflammatory properties keep skin tissue inflammation to a minimum following a bite, and by doing so prevent hot spots from developing or at least minimize their damage.
• Evening primrose oil –Evening primrose oil contains high amounts of gamma-linolenic acid, an Omega-6 essential fatty acid essential to the stimulation and maintenance of skin and nerve cells. Studies have also shown that evening primrose oil relieves inflammation. With these properties, then, evening primrose oil helps reduce flea bite-mediated inflammation and itching. Less itching means fewer – or no – hot spots. 
• Pine bark extract – Pine bark extract contains Proanthocyanidids, which hold in check the enzymes that cause skin inflammation.
• Potassium (citrate) – Potassium is essential to nervous system health, particularly the transmission of nerve impulses such as the itching response. NuVet Plus® has chosen to include in its formulation potassium citrate, which is a highly bio-available source of potassium.
• Vitamin E – Vitamin E’s anti-oxidant properties strengthen the immune system against flea bite allergies and the development of flea bite-mediated infections.

Many of the Ingredients in NuVET Plus will help sooth your pet's Allergy to fleas - So many Pets are allergic to flea bites .. 

Try the NuVET Tea Tree Hot spot Shampoo 

Don't forget your NuVET Plus Wafers, too! 
  ~~ NOT sold in stores

Wednesday, April 4

Is your dog on the drug Atopica ?

Concerns about the Drug - Atopica ?     Some Q & A from clients;
Pet Parents - Research every drug you place your pets on , for side effects:
BE a smart consumer:  ( in all aspects, not just with pet care) 

Has anyone tried "Atopica" for allergies/itching?   Did you have any side effects?             I believe that Atopica has something to do with Bubba's swollen lymph nodes. Going back to vet today.  I would really like him off the drug.

Pet Owners - Read about Atopica and it's possible side effects - PLUS/ it costs a few $$$$ too,     Just read before you place your pets on any drugs.   YES, some drugs are needed just do your research to be aware.

Excellent info:

( read this article by hitting the link above)

The truth is that many veterinarian, both holistic and conventional, shiver with dread when they contemplate this product called Atopica . One of my clients -a nurse- contacted me after her veterinarian had suggested Atopica. She explained to me the strict rules and protective actions that a nurse needs to take when administering cyclopsporine, (which is the active ingredient in Atopica) to human patients were enough to make her very wary of using the product on her dog.

Atopica is a product that touts its efficaciousness with dogs who have allergies and other dermatological conditions. Most of my readers will know that allergies result from an incorrect response of the immune system to foods and environmental substances. For many years steroids such as prednisolone were used to decrease the ability of the immune system to function and thus relieve the allergies. It’s when steroids can’t and don’t work that Atopica is prescribed. Why does it often work so well? What does it do? How does it work?

Cyclosporine is a mycotoxin. Mycotoxins are harmful products produced by fungi. They are chemical in nature and are immune suppressing. Fungi rely on the mycotoxins they produce to kill any bacteria, other fungi, viruses and anything else that might compete with them. They suppress the immune system of dogs, cats and humans. Some examples of mycotoxins found in nature are aflotoxins, the most potent carcinogen on earth, and ocharatoxins- both produced by an Aspergillus fungi. Medical mycotoxins include Adriamycin, a chemotherapy drug, and lovastatin, a cholesterol-lowering drug.

Sunday, March 11

Bullie Bath Ear powder

Tips to keep ears DRY and Free from Infection:
  I love Excel EAR Powder

***after every bath put this ear powder in the Dog's ears --- It will keep away infections --- GREAT stuff:   It will keep dirt out of the ears and keeps the ears dry - it has a slight medicine smell for an hour or so... But that's ok  ( it is sold at com or Many other pet supply stores:  

EAR powder order here

I use this often - after just about EVERY bullie Bath!  Figured I would mention it!

It has some powdered iodine in it...
Very safe but that's what the slight odor is...
Relieve your pet's irritating ear itch and help prevent bacteria and fungal growth by keeping ear canals dry.
 Dogs with long ears or those exposed to water frequently can have problems with excess moisture inside the ear.  ****This ear powder contains 5.0% iodoform, an antiseptic that supports dry, clean ear conditions. After thoroughly cleaning your pet's ears with Ear Cleaner ( WE use the NuVET Plus EAR Cleaner, dry them completely.   Then, simply hold the Ear Powder applicator tip about an inch from your pet's ears and squeeze directly into the ear.

YOU can also use this powder in your Bulldog's tail pocket 

Tuesday, March 6

Alternative Flea & Tick Pet Treatment - low cost / Natural

Alternative Treatments for Fleas on Pets :     FLEAS - We hate them!
Diatomaceous Earth ( DE- only HUMAN grade for your pets)   
Re: Alternatives to "Flea / Tick Spot" treatment /
The Frontline can be toxic to people and pets... Any of the spot treatments..                   ( If you must use the monthly spot treatments - please use only 1/2 the suggested amount of the tube - Many times 1/2 the amount will Work) 

DE is to be used on your pet and  IN the  YARD - also, I sprinkle it onto my dogs and cats ( and the Goats too)
- It is safe and natural if it is the DE - here is what I order so you know what
I am talking about...
Human Grade DE ( can be found at many FEED and FARM stores or on-line)

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
A low cost, non-toxic, safe mineral made of crushed fossils. Pure Diatomaceous
Earth can be used during the parasite season both internally and externally to
improve health, appearance, and well-being of animals. Diatomaceous Earth is a
product that can be used as a nutritional supplement for a wide variety of
conditions. Contains the highest concentration of pure, raw Diatomaceous Earth
I buy my from Revival Animal Health -  there are many places that sell it.  JUST don't let anyone talk you into anything but the Human grade level of D.E. powder  
PLEASE remember I am just a Pet Nurse and Not a Vet .... Thanks

Sunday, February 12

NuVet Plus helps to heal your pet

NuVet Testimonial  " Helps to Heal "   "This truly made my dog better"
JUST in 2/12

I truly believe that Maybull got better by using the Natural product called  NuVet Plus.                         
My 8 yr old spayed female had been in a cone for 6 wks due to her eyes not healing.  She had been treated for two ulcers in her right eye and one in her left.  The eyes were just not healing well at all, until I found NuVet Plus !    She had crystals in her bladder and chronic urinary tract infections.             Her immune system was just beat down. NOW, by using the NuVET Plus, a Probiotic ( PEARLS)   and her custom homecooked diet she is BETTER than she has EVER been. 
                                                        Within 2  weeks on the new program her eyes started healing, her energy level was high,  and her coat is amazing.  No more crazy shedding !  Her urine is normal for the first time in her life and she hardly has any "excited piddle" accidents.  I'm sure that her bladder is just no longer irritated. THANK YOU Pet Nurse Marie for all your help!!                       
  We  have now avoided another costly and dangerous eye surgery!!!
And, I have a happy, healthy girl.

Maybull's Mom , Renee

 If you want to learn more about NuVET Plus go to 

Thursday, February 9

NuVet Plus review; English bulldog Walter loves his NuVET wafers!

Another NuVet Plus review.....

NuVET customers or Folks that have been thinking about Trying the NuVET Plus Pet Supplement... ( Allergy Blaster ) ---
WALTER's UP DATE from MOM ~~ Tonya Goodwin Stated:  - Walter's MOM
- NEW NuVET update today!!! Walter's Mommy here: I have to say these are the best supplements I have found.   He is a little over 4 years old has had many medical problems and has managed to some how pull through them.   He had giardia when he was about 3 months old and demodex at 5 months of age  . Around age 2 he was diagnosed with idiopathic seizures.   Unaware at the time that giardia and demodex had weakened his immune system.   When I found NuVet I was originally looking for something to help with shedding and to supplement his diet during weight loss which he needed.   NuVet PLUS  more than answered my prayers.  He has been on NuVet Wafers for around 5 months. I can not believe the difference it made in his energy and coat.                Now when I brush him hardly any hair falls off.    He has lost 13lbs and has kept it off for 3 months now. NuVET gave him energy..    If your dog has medical problems or has had medical problems in the past it may have compromised his immune system.   If they are shedding in excessive to what they normally do try NuVet Wafers to supplement their current diet. As far as his idiopathic seizures NuVet has not interacted with his medication.  NuVET can be used along with anything your VET offers.  MY TIP :  Take a good look at your dogs coat, if the coat appears unhealthy they are not getting what they need. Since I have seen so much improvement in his coat I know it is helping his insides.  
 (  SEE Marie's NuVET page at      Use discount code 81098 for the 15% off on Auto-ship or call 1-800-474-7044   tell them Pet nurse Marie sent you  

Sunday, January 15

Bulldog Wrinkle cleaning / tips from Pet Nurse Marie

Smelly Facial Folds?  Bulldog itchy ; allergy dogs/ bulldogs ;
Answers from Q & A with PET Nurse Marie

Hi - With some NuVET pet Wafers and a good food, she will be much better in a few weeks....Clean the face with baby wipes but add a drop of water and a drop of Witch Hazel  to the wipes - go into the folds with this 1-2 x per day. Later on, you will be able to just do water on the wipes.  YOU can also do 100% flat cotton pads - very gentle on the  tear stain areas.
Make sure you don't soak the wipe or cotton pad too much...

You can also add some corn starch into the folds - to keep them dry. JUST place some corn starch on a "q-tip" and pat into a deep fold...KEEPs them dry.  PAT the Corn Starch into the folds - ( or use Johnson and Johnson's Baby POWDER Corn Starch)
NOW - For NuVET Plus - The BEST Bullie Supplement in the USA!NuVET will help with the itching and will dry out all the yeast in the folds ( crusties ....) NuVET is one of the BEST supplements for bullies!!

NuVET is wonderful for all ages **
Please order a bottle of 60 at 39.00 or a bottle of 90 at 55.00
Tell them Marie sent you : USE order Code 81098 and ASK for the 15 % off Discount Program..Call 1-800-474-7044
Dosage: DEPENDS on the Pet's size:You will need 1- 2 per day for her - after a month - she can go to just 1 NuVET wafer treat per day/ ONLY sold thru holistic Vets

NOT sold in stores
SEE here - To order -

YOU will also need:
Good Quality food :

Contact me for a list of GRAIN FREE or CORN FREE FOODS:

SEE my Bulldog Site for NuVET here:

As for food - A better food would be Innova EVO or Wellness Core - they are grain free foods found at most pet stores:

Saturday, January 14

Warning on Pet Tabs - Do you realize you are giving Loads of sugar?

Pet Tabs dog Supplement  compaired to NuVET Plus

Here is a Comparison of the Nuvet against one of the other major vitamin ingredients... Pet Tabs)


NuVet Plus for Canines and Felines Ingredient List:
 Alfalfa (Canine formula only), Alpha Amylase, Amino Acids, Beta Carotene, Blue Green Algae, Brewer’s Yeast, Cat’s Claw, Chicken Liver, Copper, Evening Primrose Oil, Iron, L Methionine, Magnesium, Manganese, Oyster Shell, Papain, Phosphorus, Pine Bark, Potassium, Selenium (Yeast), Shark Cartilage, Taurine (Feline formula only), Vitamin A , Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B1, (Thiamine), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Vitamin B12, Vitamin C (Ester C), Vitamin E, Whey Protein (Feline formula only), Zinc

Pettabs Plus (Pfizer) Ingredients List:

Wheat germ, KAOLIN, CORN SYRUP, liver meal, dicalcium phosphate, fish meal, SUCROSE, LACTOSE, safflower oil, gelatin, CORNSTARCH, stearic acid, niacinamide, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, iron oxide and peptone, magnesium stearate, vitamin A acetate, zinc oxide, riboflavin, thiamine mononitrate, cobalt sulfate, potassium iodide, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin, manganese sulfate, vitamin D3 supplement, copper acetate monohydrate
*KAOLIN is aluminum silicate, otherwise known as “white clay”.**Note the forms of SUGAR: corn syrup, sucrose, lactose, plus the addition of cornstarch.

What you would like to give your LOVED fur friend? 
 Sugar tablets or NuVET Plus???    

 ( use discount code 81098 and get the 15% OFF auto-ship program )  TELL them Pet Nurse Marie sent you...  they sell bottles at 19.99, 39.99 and 55.00  ( plus, get the auto ship Discount program )
Or call 1-800-474-7044  ( referral code 81098 )  - Tell them you heard about NuVET from the Bulldog site/ Pet Nurse Marie - ASK for your 60 DAY money BACK trial offer/ guaranteed to help in 60 days or less ..
Thanks all!

Monday, December 19

Itchy French Bulldog ?

Alternative Medicine for Pets
Itchy French Bulldogs;

Hello, I have two 1 year old frenchies (m/f) who both have had issues with their skin for as long as we've had them (Sophie: Since 4months old, Remington: Since 1 yr old). Sophie has been tested for allergies and the results were food allergies. We have yet to test Remi as his allergies seem to vary with the weather. Now that it's winter, he does not seem to be suffering at all. (I should also mention that we live in a tropical climate which can be very humid and may also be affecting the pups as well.)

They have both been to numerous vets and until Remi's allergies calmed down, we were visiting the vet once a month and paying for 2 dogs! I guess it's become "the norm" to us to haul the pups in the car and go to the vet every month.

As of now Sophie is on antibiotics and a steroid for anti-inflammatory, which I've been told can be harmful if taken for a long period of time. I've changed their food numerous times from "high-end" pet food to fixing a raw diet and the only thing that seems to work is the medicine. They are fine being on medication but I don't know how this may harm them in the years to come.

While it may be more work to keep them on a raw diet, I'm not against it, but was hoping for a good supplement to go along with it instead of the medication.

Thanks in advance,

Christina M.

ANSWER from :  ASK the Pet Nurse, Marie Peppers
:Hi, LOVE Frenchies!!!! Two things I would do for your Frenchies.

1. Place them both on a probiotic --- If will ship to you ( APO address? In Japan), then order the PEARLS - it's a probiotic in the Blue box - order enough for each dog to have 1 per day for 90 days. ( Amazon has the best Price on PEARLS)
It's for humans but pets take it too. IT will help to balance out the Yeast and balance out the ITCHIES.....

2. NuVET PLUS supplement for each of your dogs. Give 1 NuVET wafer treat per day long term.
This will help to fight off the allergens that are hitting them.
Also, NuVET Plus helps to re-build a weak immune system...
Many pets on Steroids are able to lessen the steroid usage in time, with the VETS assistance.
Don't stop the steroids unless the VET is helping you low the dosages.
Yes, Steroids are not good for long term usage.

PLEASE write to NuVET here: I know they will ship to APO addresses in other countries.
Tell them Pet Nurse Marie sent you for the 90 count bottle /
ASK her how you can GET the 15% Off Discount program
   ( discount code 81098)
or you can call Joan Harris at 1-800-474-7044 ext 265
Here is the web site:  ( Make sure  you call in for the 15% OFF Discount program with code 81098****)   phone number above:

As far as food, I am not a raw feeder. I always refer my bullie clients to Grain free feeding or at least NO corn .... ( corn in dog food is a major problem )

HOPE this helps..
OH, NuVET also makes a nice TEA tree hot spot Spray and Shampoo that is under 10.00 per bottle and LASTS a long time.

Blessings to you

Marie Peppers LPN MA
ASK the Pet Nurse

Sunday, November 13

English bulldog itchy skin relief ;

Bulldog itchy relief with Bulldog Supplement;

NuVET for itchy dry coat...  It works or it's FREE
This is Rocco, a long time client of mine and NuVET Plus !

Take the 60-day trial/ Must call in for the 60 count bottle as it's not sold on the website.

THE Web site only sells the 90 count or larger:
60 COUNT at 39.00 is by PHONE in only:

1-800-474-7044 USE discount code 81098 for the 15% OFF Program ...
Tell them, Marie, the bulldog lady sent you.... HUGs !!!! ( Discount code 81098 ) 

Order here ( NOT sold in stores) 

Get the Wafers and the Green Bottle of shampoo 

Monday, November 7

HOW to get rid of : Tear Stains and Bulldog Wrinkle Stains

Why tear stains? What causes them?

Tear staining results when the tear duct becomes clogged and eye fluid, which can no longer drain through the nose, begins to dry and crust around the eyes and face. Clogged tear ducts occur due to two factors- physical irritants and physiological predisposition. Physical irritants include dirt, dust, and occasionally parasites such as fleas. A multitude of other particles can physically block the tear duct, while a blockage can also occur due to allergies. Many breeds, however, are physiologically predisposed to blocked tear ducts. This genetic eye construction is common among smaller breeds including Maltese, Cocker Spaniels, Bichon Frise, and Chihuahuas. Long haired breeds such as Lhasa Apsos and Sheepdogs also tend to suffer from tear staining as hair hangs into the eyes causing scratching and irritation.

Teething puppies may also suffer from tear staining, which is common, as constant chewing increases eye fluid production and also puts pressure on the tear ducts causing them to close. As puppies mature, the problem typically resolves itself.


Symptoms of tear staining include highly visible brown staining of the fur and a crust surrounding the eyes. Other behavioral symptoms include constant pawing or rubbing of the face and can be accompanied by redness and yellow/green discharge if the tear ducts have become infected due to blockage. Yeast infections may occur and are characterized by redness and swelling around the eyes, itching, and a yellowish discharge that will have an unpleasant odor. Other symptoms are fleas which may block the tear ducts, or teething particularly among puppies.

While tear staining issues are mostly cosmetic, if left untreated tear staining can result in severe and costly infections. Infections of the eye are extremely serious as they can lead to irreversible conditions such as blindness or cataracts. Scratching of the eyes due to irritation can also pose issues including lacerations of the eye or the spread of infection. It is important to treat tear staining as soon as possible to prevent further complications.


Proper hygiene is important particularly if your dog is predisposed to tear staining. Proper grooming and trimming of the hair around the eyes and face will help to keep the area free of additional irritants. Other irritants, such as allergies, can be prevented by removing triggers from the environment. Household cleaners and chemicals tend to aggravate allergies and worsen problems such as tear staining.

In addition to regular grooming, proper nutrition is extremely helpful in preventing tear staining. A qualified diet consists of giving a high quality dog food and a vitamin supplement; both paramount to your dog’s immune system. Feed your dog food that isn’t filled with grains and “meat by-products”- this will have multiple benefits, including stopping allergies which irritate the eyes. But dog food alone isn’t enough; supplementation is a vital component to keeping your dog healthy. Giving a high quality supplement can help boost internal defenses and provide nutrition for blood, bones and skin.

Fundamentally, the first line of any remedy is to ensure your dog has a proper diet and balanced nutrition. Providing good food that is full of quality protein and low on grains, corn, and “meat by-products” will ensure a healthy digestive system and strong immune system. Supplementing your dog’s diet with a vitamin supplement engineered to support vital organs will prevent the damaging effects of free radicals and aid in the treatment of tear staining and its causes.

As with any vitamin and nutritional supplement, the quality of ingredients in combination with the manufacturing process determines how effective it will be for your pet. NuVet Plus® contains quality Calcium and Blue Green Algae, a source of protein and chlorophyll. It also includes a full range of amino acids, such as L Methionine- essential to help detoxify the blood stream. Keeping the bloodstream clean allows red blood cells to carry nutrients vital in defending against infectious tear staining.
As every dog is different, results will vary based on a number of factors including genetics, environment, and severity of the condition being treated.

At NuVet Labs®, we combine the finest human-grade ingredients and manufacturing operations approved for human products by the FDA. The end result is the finest supplement for your dog – one that will boost your dog’s immune system, enabling them to more effectively combat their tear stains.

NuVet Plus® is 100% guaranteed for purity, safety, and effectiveness. As one of the oldest and most respected companies in the pet industry, NuVet Labs® pledges that our NuVet Plus® product will eliminate or dramatically reduce your dog’s tear staining within 60 days, or we’ll refund your purchase.

If you want to try NuVET wafer or Powder - Please go here to order: not sold in stores: Holistic ....
Remember - guaranteed to help
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