NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Thursday, August 18

Pitbull, Bullies, Staffies, Rotties - Natural Dog Vitamins

Let's keep our  Pitbull and Bullies looking their best with Natural Dog Vitamins & GREAT Health

“American Pitbull Terriers” “American Staffordshire Terriers” “American Bully

Pitbull Vitamin Supplements,    Help increase overall pitbull healthpitbull vitamins treat skin issues such as dry skin, prevents shedding, boost the immune system, combats allergies and much more.   The pit bull vitamin supplements we recommend are NuVet Plus.

When taking NuVET Plus these pit bulls  are getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals they need on a daily basis.   Pitbulls that have Nuvet Plus within their diets tend to have shiny coats that are nice and thick, clear eyes and very healthy digestion.

Pitbull vitamins are not only good for boosting the immune system but help build muscle as well.  

 When pit bulls are walked and running around they burn fat at high rates.  Pitbull vitamin supplements provide vitamins to muscles as they are working. This in turns supplies the pitbull muscle with what it needs to bulk up in a healthy natural way.

Vitamins for Pitbulls can help your dog fight off airborne allergens, free radicals, diseases and so much more.  Most Pitbulls do not get the proper exercise or nutrition they need.  Its really simple to walk your pitbull for a min of 30 mins every day.
This also helps build your bond with your pit bull. Including a good pit bull vitamin-like, NuVet Plus will also give your pit bull more energy and help protect your pet's health.

Note:  This product is Not available to the general public without an Order Code supplied by your Pet Professional.  ( 81098- Pet nurse Marie)  

We're one of the oldest US pet supplement companies on the market today.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If this isn't the most incredible pet supplement you've ever had, we'll give your money back.
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YOU want the GREEN Bottle of Wafer Treats 


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My website:

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Marie of Ask the Pet Nurse

Monday, August 15

YOUR dog won't eat the special and expensive dog food from the VET?

YOUR dog won't eat the special and expensive dog food from the VET?

I will work with you and your Vet on home-cooking,

Alternatives to Hill's RX and  Science Diet?

contact me

Give me the details of your pets condition? 
Diabetes, Hepatic, Kidney Stones, Crystals, Pancreatitis
Let me know the breed of your dog and his weight.
Let me know what your Vet has already tried for you and your pet.

Thanks, Hope I can help.
Hill's RX dog food ? ( or others) -

Sunday, July 24

Military Pet Care; Long term Deployment care ; Foster care for Military;

Military Foster Care program

( Very reduced daily rates for 5 months or Longer...)
PET CARE for "MILITARY ( Long term care)
Don't just trust anyone!
You don't want them to end up in the shelters.

**available to our servicemen & women who get stationed overseas and can't take their Dog(s) with them, but don't want to give up them up either.

 VERY low / GREAT discounts ...

Nothing beats coming home to the wagging tail of the family Dog(s). :)
...Call us for details.


We Service Fort Bragg and Many other areas.. 

Pet Taxi may be able to do a pick up.. Let's figure it out!
We also will pick up at the Charlotte NC airport
Pets come to us from all around the USA.

They stay in a professional and licensed home ..
We are USDA licensed for Pet Taxi and Pet Care

Friday, June 24

Dead Sea? STOPS Fleas on Dogs and CATS....VERY Safe

PLEASE read my post at " Allexperts"  on Diatomaceous Earth powder...

Fleas are bad this year with our 100 degree weather ... ( 6 weeks over 95 degrees here in South Carolina)

READ my post above on some Natural options;

I take Questions from folks all over the world..

Marie Peppers LPN MA
Ask the Pet Nurse

Tuesday, May 31

Eliminate your Dog's Ear infections for good! ( Fast and Safe- Guaranteed)

               Eliminate your Dog's ear infections Quick and Safe!

               Pet Nurse Marie has 1000s of Clients taking NuVET  each day.

                                   Give it a try with our Guaranteed program:

See Pet Nurse Marie's site:

Your purchase is Protected by
our Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

Join the thousands of pet owners who have taken advantage of our special risk-free offer.

We are so confident you will be overjoyed with the results;your purchase comes with a money back guarantee!
Simply feed this supplement to your dog for up to eight weeks.

If it does not eliminate or greatly reduce your dog's ear infection quickly and safely, we'll give your money back

PLEASE visit my Natural Remedies site here:

Sunday, May 29

Hot spots; Canine Rashes and fur loss; excessive shedding?

No More Hot spots with the MY Itchy Dog Kit -

made in California

No drugs- Natural :


( Made in the USA is a big PLUS with Pet Products)
YOU get what you Pay for.............

Give your itchy pets Quality ;  TRY us - 60 DAY Trial offer-

No steroids--- NO more drugs
SAVE money on your VET bills!

Thursday, May 26

Bulldog owners / Bulldog Meet-up, stop by ( on-line)

Owners of Bulldogs ;
Bullie Breeds are welcome

Calling all Bulldogs-

English Bulldogs, Frenchies,

stop by - talk with Marie and other bulldog owners

Bulldogs - Got to love that FACE!


Wednesday, May 25

Pitbull with awful odor and shedding ! Smelly Pittie... Help

Smelly pitbull ; dog odor;
Poor you and poor dog!
 I bet this baby has an overgrowth of Yeast Bacteria.

Yeast has an awful odor.

If my suggestions don't help, please see the Vet for some help.
The Vet can do a skin scrape and look for fungus ...

Try the following:
NuVET Tea Tree Hot spot Shampoo/ /Wonderful product - use 1 x every 10 days.

Also, NuVET has a great hot spot spray for itchy areas...
Very low cost -
All Natural

Last, please start on a good skin and coat vitamin/supplement - the NuVET Plus Wafer - just 1 per day:

order here: HOLISTIC and not in any Pet store:

We use the Hot spot spray often -
Also, have been giving the 1 Wafer per day, for 3 years.

VERY little shedding and No odor at all....Thank god.

Sunday, May 22

Probiotics and NuVET Plus supplements for Ear infections;

Remedies for your dog's ears
Odor? Infections?
Need help?????
Want to save some money!
Dog's with constant ear infections....

Spending too much money at the VET office?
Chronic Ear infectons;

Natural Options - see here:

No drugs

Very Safe

guaranteed - 60 day trial
If it doesn't work ----WE give you your money back

MADE in the USA........

Wednesday, May 18

fleas; Natural flea control; garlic juice for fleas;

Garlic juice spray on the coat, works!
I also use it on the Dog's food....
You can spray it on your cats - Just don't use in the Cat's food

Friday, May 13

Vinegar for pets

My Elderly Scottie, Evee ( age 14)

How to make pet shampoo:Add vinegar to your Pet's Program

Many ways to use Vinegar for pets
How to :
How to make dog shampoo with Vinegar

Many helpful money saving pet tips

Share our Blog and the Recipes..

Saturday, May 7

My Dog has YEAST infections in his ears! Smelly

Yeast infections in my Dog's ears:
My dog has EAR infections all year long:

HOW about a Natural option that is Guaranteed or it's free?

Try us for at least 60 days ---

We offer you a money back guarantee ( Solid - Quality and Made in California)

doggie ear infections... too much yeast in the ears !!!
GONE for good!

SEE what we can do without Drugs ---

Great taste in a Wafer treat

or we also make a powder to mix into the Food....
MOST Pets love the WAFER

TASTE is guaranteed, too
JUST wanted to make sure you have seen my post of Doggie EAR infections!