Wednesday, May 16

English Bulldog Owner's NuVET Vitamins Testimonial

English Bulldog NuVET Vitamins Testimonial from Allison, 


Jake is loving his NuVet vitamins and supplements! We don't have stiffness in the knees anymore and his energy and stamina have greatly improved. I'm also noticing that his feet are a healthy pink instead of red and he hardly licks at them anymore. He also has been using NuVet's Tea Tree shampoo. His coat is thick and shiny and so soft! It makes me so happy to be able to just look at him and know that he feels so healthy and happy!

 Thanks, Marie and NuVet!

NO more RED paws and Excessive licking!
Knees have more stamina now .... greatly improved walking.
Skin is so soft and the coat is getting nice and thick!
He seems so happy.


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NO more scratching ...  
Use NuVet Plus wafers daily for an amazing coat.

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