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Monday, February 12

Home Made Dog food recipe for dogs with Chronic Ear Infections

Home cooking for your dog

( I developed this recipe for a French Bulldog with chronic yeasty ears and allergy issues. ) 


This recipe is for a 20 to 25 -pound dog with Chronic ear infections or environmental allergies 

3 pounds of lean ground beef ( 89 % or leaner) - Cook in a crock pot or large pot.. cook until meat is light brown;  YOU may use some Olive oil ( about 3 tablespoons) at the bottom of the pan.

Steam some Broccoli - 1 bag 8-ounce bag  -  Once cooked - chop up into small bites under 1/4 inch in size or Mash -  Mix into cooked Ground Hamburger 

Add some Tums for "Calcium" - any flavor - Use 4 of the Regular tums - crush or break up into small pieces -  PUT TUMS into the MIX AFTER you have cooked the meat.

(if you don't want to do TUMS you will need to buy bone meal from a health food store)  - add bone meal after the meat has been cooked. 

You may also add 1 can of Low fat or Low salt beef gravy -  -- 
Make sure you do drain out your hamburger after cooking. 

NOW we need to ADD White Rice ( Boiled cooked white rice )  OR
 you may try Quinoa  

To use quinoa -

ADD Quinoa : 
YOU will use Quinoa but cook by itself - 

COOK the Quinoa as directed on the package 
- BUY the PreWASHED kind

For the Quinoa -  Cook about 1 pound of Quinoa, and then once cooked mix with the Meat
YOUR meat, veggie, and Quinoa Mix will keep for at least 4 days --- if you are not going to use it all in 4 days then PLEASE freeze some. 

Feed your 20 to 25-pound dog 2 x per day 

  ( 1.5 cups of this mix in the AM and 1.5 cups  in the PM ) -  This will digest quickly and you will see smaller Poops. 

You will need to work with this and see how your dog does. If your dog needs a little more you can give 1/2 cup in the afternoon as a snack. 

For snacks you can use some Bland melon such as Honeydew -  always cut well and give 1/4 cup of melon.

If not allergic to blueberries try 1/4 cup of blueberries.   Try some Goat Milk YOGURT if you can find it.  Get plain or Vanilla - you can use a small amount of Yogurt with your fruit.   Also, peaches are good .. always cut your fruit up small -  If you can't find goat milk yogurt then get Greek yogurt 

Another good snack is just 1/3 of a medium banana -
You may also give 1/2 of a hard-boiled egg as a snack. ( do not use the EGG snack option more than 3 x per week.
Let me know if you have questions 

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