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Sunday, October 8

Sensitive Stomach dog food

Easy Recipe for Dog Meatloaf

  ( for sensitive stomachs ) 


        Gluten-free options 

Try this Easy meatloaf recipe for dogs with allergies or a sensitive belly.  

If you want to use 1/4 - 1/3  cup of Dry kibble, as a snack that is fine ~~ ( use it in the afternoon I really like the following Brands - Fromm's, Merrick, Zignature, Castor & Pollux ( Buy Grain free if possible).  I have had good luck with the Victor  Grain-Free Brand too. 


CHOOSE meat: 
5 lbs fairly lean meat *****( YOU will do Ground Turkey ) or LEAN Ground Beef ( 90 % or leaner) - ( if you can afford ground lamb that is an occasional option ) 

6 cups of breadcrumbs - plain See Wheat free link if you need it 

 ( gluten free / wheat free option)  ( Allergy dogs or dogs with Skin problems need the gluten-free options ) SEE below for links to oats or breadcrumbs. 
1 cup of  2 % low-fat milk
8 med size eggs 
4 teaspoon s of CRUSHED eggShell -- - Smash it ( it's for Calcium) - Must be crushed and then cooked into the meat loafs --
1 1/2  cups ( green beans or green sweet peas)( grated and mush) *** ( TRY GREEN BEANS but cut them up or Smash them )

Your dog will need 1 NuVET Plus Wafer supplement per day ( Info below ) NuVET is amazing for the body and it BALANCES home cooking.  
( do not put the NuVET into the Recipe ) - ( Give 1 NuVET Plus Daily as your Doggie Supplement) -- ( Do NOT Home cook without NuVET or a good supplement ) 

INFO to order is below - MOST dogs love it and take NuVET as a treat 
(YOU cannot balance this Recipe without a Quality Supplement)
Most of my clients use the NuVET Plus ( We have Wafer or Powder )

ALSO  ADD: to the meatloaf mix 
2 teaspoons vegetable oil
1 or  2  teaspoons  LOW SALT tamari soy sauce, 

* press the mixture into a casserole dishes so it’s 2 inches thick and bake at 350°F for 30 minutes, or until set and lightly browned.

MOST dogs will get 2 -5 slices per day of the Dog meatloaf.  IT Depends on your dog's weight. 

 E-mail me if you need help figuring out the portion size for your dog.  ( MY e-mail is mpmaltese@gmail.com 
Use meatloaf or loaf pans .. This makes enough for 5 -6 days for your dogs.
Freeze or use in 4 days .. YOU can cut and freeze up what you want and then take out portions for daily feeding.
Use good wrap to avoid freezer burn 

The Meatloaf will last 4 days in the refrigerator 
YOU can use 90% lean ground beef as your meat choices for this meatloaf -- try the turkey first as your meat of choice .. NEVER do more than one Meat in your loaf at one time .
YOU will choose only one veggie to add to the meat load - Green beans or greens peas seem to do well 

As far as the NuVET Supplement here is

my website so you can look over the NuVET Plus 
ORDER here .

 NOT sold in stores 

 Order here or call   http://www.nuvet.com/81098

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Call 1-800-474-7044    ( Code 81098 for discount on auto ship every 90 days ) 

NOT found in stores/ Holistic 

Let me know if you have questions.

Marie Peppers LPN/MA 
Ask the Pet Nurse    mpmaltese@gmail.com

YOU can get these Oats in place of the breadcrumbs if you wish : 

Gluten-free - ( Need grain free? This is NOT a grain free recipe; Here is an option, You can try this 



OATS or Bread Crumbs are fine.  FOR allergy dogs you need Gluten free

YOU can do gluten free Bread Crumbs 
If you need Wheat FREE breadcrumbs - here is a link: to Gillian's Foods 

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