NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Sunday, August 20

Ways To Soothe a Scratching Dog. The Bully Bath Mitt

         Ways To Soothe a Scratching Dog!

              Learn about our Pet Bath Mitt, 

                                              NO tub method 

Is your Dog itchy often?  
Excessive scratching?  
Licking their paws all the time?   


(NOT sold in stores)  

Our method will remove YEASTY Bacteria from your pet's skin

OUR method will help to Remove bacteria that causes TEAR Stains

OUR method will help to Remove Dander and pollens from your pets skin, coat, and paws 

OUR method is safe for Sensitive dogs 

Guaranteed to love it, or your money back 

A Happy customer Stated

Awesome!I I followed the direction and brushed my 59 pound English Bulldog really well and then wetted the mitt. I started with her face and worked my way to her tail. I rinsed the Mitt a couple of times and couldn't believe the dirt that came out of it and into the water. I just dried her with our Pet Towel and she shined.  Smells wonderful and no soap was used.  Hang the mitt and towel to dry.  The Silver fibers clean while the Mitt and towel as it hang dry.