NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Monday, June 26

The Best Brush for your dog! Massage brush you can use in the tub.

This is the best brush for dogs!  It works like a magnet to pick up dry loose hair/fur!

I love this brush during our doggie bath time!  Brush the opposite way once they are all suds up with your favorite shampoo.
It massages the skin and pulls away from the dry or loose fur.
We also use it a few times a week playing in from of the TV watching our favorite movie.   

Works great on my Boxer! 

Best brush I've ever used! It gets so much fur off of my boxer. We have tried combs and used a shedding blade but with her short coat, it can irritate her skin. Since she has short fur most brushes are ineffective on her coat. I used this right away and was amazed how much fur I got in a couple of passes over her back. It also works wonderfully on her tiny hairs on her legs, chest, and belly. It is also very very comfortable to use and it fits in your hand perfectly with multiple places to grip it. The teeth on the brush are flexible rubber. The only downside my girl thinks it toy! I waited to buy this for a very long time thinking it wasn't going to work I regret not getting it sooner.

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BULLDOG MOMS love it !!!

By Cheryl 

The BEST Brush I have ever used on my Bulldog.  She loves the feel and it increases NATURAL oil production.
We use it dry or in the tub WET.. GREAT product 


Let talk Shampoo!!!

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