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Dog First Aid kit - How to make your own, Bulldog safety kit,

What's in your dog's first aid kit?

Here are some Amazing things I use often ... So many have asked me about my canine medicine kit.  Yes, it's geared to Bulldogs but can be used for ANY breed -- Bulldogs and MORE -- any Woof !! 

Medications List 

Buffered Aspirin (DO NOT give Tylenol )- Use to relieve minor aches and pains due to injury or arthritis
Dosage: One adult tablet for each 50lbs of dog weight (once every 8 hours).
Some VETS will offer just 1 Baby aspirin ( 81mg ) every 8 to 12 hrs for minor pain 

Vaseline or BAG Balm 

Desitin - Use for minor skin irritations, keeping skin folds dry, and minor sunburn--  Careful if using near eyes 

Coagulant (styptic powder) - Use to stop bleeding caused by cutting into the quick when trimming nails

Antibiotic ointment or Neosporin 

Hydrogen peroxide - Use to induce vomiting 
Dosage: 1 tsp per 10lbs of dog weight, repeat once in 15 minutes if necessary (to induce vomiting)

Antidiarrheal (Kaopectate) - Use to treat diarrhea
Dosage: Kaopectate = 1sp for each 20lbs of dog every 4 hours-

Antiemetic (Pepto-Bismol) - Use to control vomiting and diarrhea
Dosage: Pepto Bismol = 1 tsp per 20lbs of dog weight every 4 hours 

Real Lemon - plastic lemon ( juice inside )  - Use to clear phlegm from the Bulldog's throat and ease breathing 
Dosage: squirt liberally into the side of mouth and throat 

Cough medicine (Triaminic) - Use to control a cough and as expectorant
Dosage: Triaminic = 1 tsp per 20lbs of dog weight every 4-6 hours (short-term use only)

Antiseptic solution-  

Ophthalmic ointment (non-steroid) - ( Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment )

Antihistamine (Benadryl) - Use for allerigic reactions and bee/wasp stings
Dosage: Benadryl = 1 - 2  mg per 1lb of dog weight up to  50 mg

Bulldogs and other Flat-faced dogs -- MAKE sure you have a cool mat or cool collar on board ..  Will take the temp of the dog down 10 degrees instantly when they are overheating. 

Marie's First Aid Kit -- Some of my Favorites !!!

First Aid Equipment List

Roll of 1" first aid tape 
2"-3" gauze rolls 
Ace bandage 
Blunt nose scissors 
Tefla pads 
Cotton balls 
Syringes (without needles) - for irrigation or oral medications 
digital  thermometer 
Nail trimmers 

Yes, you see NuVET Plus in my kit..  
All my personal dogs and Doggie Clients take 1-2 NuVET wafers per day ...  
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Need help with your First aid kit? 

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