NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Sunday, April 30

Travel bag for your dog! A must have for dog owners or cat owners who travel with their pets.

Do you travel with your dog or cat?  Travel bag for your dog.  
So crazy smart!  
 A must have item! 

It's the Best Bag or Doggie Suitcase I have ever seen!

I recommend the large size, so you have room for plenty of food, toys, treats and blankets while traveling with your FurKids. 

Order here while supplies last.

 JUST in time for your Summer Travel needs

              order here

  • Overland Dog Gear provides you with an organized luggage system that now makes it simple to travel with your dog for up to a week away
  • This bag meets airline carry-on requirements and even includes a luggage ID tag

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