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Smelly Bulldog Face, Stinky dog remedies, Why does my dog's face smell? Dry nose cure!

Bulldog owners and other brachycephalic breeds (breeds with short noses) like Pugs, want to know how to cure smelly dog face.  Dry nose cure!

Stinky Dog Face Remedy: Two Things You Should Be Doing If Your Dog’s Face Stinks.

Why does my dog's face smell?  

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A stinky dog is more than just smells. The cause of a stinky dog face is typically related to trapped moisture, bacteria, an infection or health disorder. 

With daily care and maintenance from Wrinkle Balm, your dog’s stinky face problems can become a thing of the past.

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What Is Wrinkle Balm?

All-natural and organic Wrinkle Balm is safe on even the most sensitive dogs, while slaying bacteria, yeast and other skin issues that create foul odors. When paired with daily care and proper cleaning of your dog’s face, Wrinkle Balm actively destroys the source of bad odors. That means you can go back to smothering your dog’s face in kisses without gagging.

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What Causes Your Dog’s Face To Stink In The First Place?

There are numerous causes of stinky dog faces, including…

deep wrinkles may mean stinky wrinklesYour Dog Has A Lot Of Facial Wrinkles

Wrinkles allow moisture to build up between the delicate skin folds. These dark and moist places become an ideal breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria or yeast infections—hence the smell.   If your dog has excessive tearing (epiphora) and drainage of the eyes, all of this moisture builds up on hair and skin and creates a nasty odor – indicative of bacteria. Dogs that commonly experience this issue include the Shih Tzu, Maltese, Poodle, and brachycephalic breeds (breeds with short noses) like Pugs and Bulldogs. Short nosed dogs are especially prone to this problem because moisture becomes trapped in their wrinkles, where it can really become infected and stinky.
Bacteria cause odors that bother dog owners, but they can also create a persistent itch that bothers your dog. If your dog is constantly scratching at his/her face, it only introduces more bacteria to the surface. Plus, excessive scratching can lead to your dog cutting and damaging the sensitive skin on his/her face or eye surfaces.

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