NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Tuesday, January 24

English bulldog skin problems, canine skin issues and remedies,

Does your bulldog have skin problems? 

Here are some Easy tips to help reduce the paw licking and scratching.  

If your dog is constantly scratching and biting, the first thing to do is to see his veterinarian and follow his advice. In general, itching is usually a sign of allergies. And now a days allergies are very common in dogs. Here are a few things you can do to help your pet deal with the scratching and itching.
Make a diet change. Your dog's diet needs to be as pure, and as natural as possible. Make sure there are no additives, food colorings, preservatives and other chemicals in his food. Many dogs are allergic to these additives. Some are allergic to grains. Try a grain free dog food and see if that helps.  
Buy a top notch dog food. These are available without additives and with high quality ingredients. You can find them online or in a health food store or natural pet food store.
Here is one dog food we really love for bulldogs, HIT Link  for Zignature  

Or, look up some recipes and make your own dog food. Just changing his food may alleviate most of the itching, scratching and discomfort in your dog.
Here is a wonderful dog food recipe:  HIT LINK here  DOG MEATLOAF 

Add essential fatty acids to your dog's diet. Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil will decrease inflammation and help with the itching. We love Salmon oil !
Here is a great OIL that we love ~~~   CLICK link here 

Vitamin E should be given orally and may be applied topically.
Zinc may relieve the itchy feeling your dog has. Some skin rashes respond to Vitamin C.
Feed your dog a high quality food. Add some omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, zinc and herbal preparations and your dog may finally get rid of that itching sensation. He will be a happier dog and love you even more.

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To Aide in your dog's health and supplement needs we recommend NuVET Plus daily dog vitamin.  
Give 1 to 1 1/2 wafers per day long term.  HELPS to heal the skin and combat allergy skin issues..  HELPS to reduce itching and scratching.

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