NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Thursday, January 19

How to Clean Bulldog Folds

English Bulldog Wrinkle care,  Caring for your Bulldog's skin issues, 

How to Clean Bulldog Folds ~~

Many of us who own English Bulldogs understand that they take a little more care than the average dog. In addition to the routine medications to prevent heartworms and fleas and the annual trip to the vet, English Bulldogs need a little extra care. Bulldog cleaning tips. 

The wrinkles we love in English Bulldogs are also prone to yeast infections if not properly cared for. The objective is to keep the area inside the wrinkles clean and dry. Some suggest you clean the wrinkles daily and put cornstarch powder between the folds of skin. While not a bad idea if your English Bulldog suffers from excessive tearing, that may not be necessary for all of them. However, this is not a medical article, but merely a recounting of how we try and prevent wrinkle problems.
While our English Bulldog is generally very accepting of our attention, he is not pleased to have his wrinkles cleaned or his teeth brushed. He is also not fond of having anything put in his ears.
Normally we bathe the dog in a tub about every 14 days. During that time we make an effort to clean his wrinkles, but that is usually not very satisfactory so we concentrate on getting him clean and save other attention for the next day. Often I will cut the nails with my Husband's help. 
Wipes for bulldog wrinkles, 

For the wrinkle cleaning we use 100 Count MalAcetic Wet Wipes.   
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After cleaning each wrinkle carefully with the wipes you can put a tiny dot of BAG Balm in the wrinkles.  ( hit yellow link to order ) 

Please do see your local Vet if your dog has chronic redness or infection in the wrinkles.

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