The Best Bulldog Supplement in the USA

The Best Bulldog Supplement in the USA
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Tuesday, November 22

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HI guys.. spend a cold day here on the Bulldog Blog --  lots of pages  on  bulldog health, wellness, home cooking for your dog or cat.  English bulldogs with allergies and itchy skin?  Bulldog with Dry Coat?  Shedding to much.. 

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Friday, November 4

The 3 Best Tear Stain Removal Tips

Natural Yeast Bacteria fighter for your dog.  Tear Stains? 
Learn about Kefir 

Three Best Tear Stain removal tips; 

Bodypack or Baby Body Pack is perfect for Pets who need Daily Tear Stain or Wrinkle cleaning. 

                    Will lift away bacteria with JUST water.  Try it for 60 days and see!

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All " 3 " tips will work Together to Cure your Tear Stains  

Dogs with chronic ear infections?
Dogs with tear or wrinkle stains? 

This will help ... 

Kefir ( it's a natural probiotic ) 

Give  a dog  that is 40 to 60 lbs about   2-3  tablespoons per day of the Kefir / low-fat one is fine --

 Kefir is found near milk and yogurt
--  This product will help with YEAST build up and tear stains.  GREAT to also help dogs with low immune systems and allergy problems.  

Got Tear Stains? 

 If your dog has tear stains, this works great and it's totally safe. NATURAL Pads to clean wrinkle or tear stains. 

   A little hard to find in the BIG Box Pet Stores, we found it here for a good price -

 SEE Amazon for ordering

 GREAT Price on these PADS here

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Don't forget the NuVET Plus Daily.
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Great for all ages and stages 

60 day guaranteed and taste is LIVER flavor. 

dogs love it! 

The BEST Dog Vitamin 

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NuVET is a Yeast Fighter by building the Immune system.

Also, helps to build up the dog's fight against allergens 


  Another TEAR stain Cleaning option is Witch Hazel 

use a dash of Water,  dash of Witch Hazel 
on a 100% Flat cotton pad 

Thursday, November 3

Cubs win .. Bulldogs are happy !!!

Wow, Really happy bulldog .. Cubs win!

World Series !!!  2016

Our friend Elvis is a Cub fan !

Elvis is also a NuVET Plus Poster boy... 

love our Doggie Vitamins 

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Elvis has NO more tear stains