NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Monday, December 19

Pet Gear Roadster Stroller for dogs. Is it worth the price? Dog Stroller Reviews,

 Dog Stroller Reviews,  Sale on Dog Strollers that are Perfect for Bulldogs.  

Review of the Pet Gear Roadster- Great Bulldog stroller 

My Favorite stroller for my dogs is the Pet Gear Roadster Stroller!  It's also a very easy to fold-down-stroller.  The Roadster stroller is very strong and perfect for small, medium or large dogs.  My Fox Terrier and my English Bulldogs absolutely love riding in it.  Holds up to 100 pounds -  It really is rugged and strong!  Trust me when I say it is worth the price.  Great rates here at Amazon 
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This  Stroller, fits 55 pounds and under 

                                                                      Old PUG dog

                                                              Medium size YELLOW LAB

LOVE it !!  Model SKY1760, 2 in 1 Bike trailer stroller for pets 

love it...very sturdy and well made...easy to switch from the bike to a stroller....would recommend's very smooth and easy to push around as a stroller... love using it both ways....we have other strollers and now only using this one....great buy....

                                      adjusts to a bike, too 

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My Review on the Solvit HoundAbout II Pet Bicycle Trailer, Aluminum Frame, Large

Absolutely love this Solvit Houndabout bike trailer for large dogs;  Now your dog can travel with you for many miles on your travels.  This is especially a wonderful product for Senior dogs.  This particular trailer is great for medium to large size dogs.
The Solvit Houndabout will hold up to 110 pounds of pets or pet.

5 STAR review... 

( this will hold up to 110 pounds of dog )
 Got the product today, earlier than expected. Nothing was missing and very easy to put together. My husband cut the plywood 28.5"x 22" and rounded the edges. We put the wood on top of the lower bars at the bottom for a better support. My dog weight 94lbs. He barked the whole time we drove. We have to try this few times so get used to it. It is pretty sturdy. Looking forward to the rides once he stops barking.'

SEE here for more Reviews  and PRICEs 

NEXT,  another STROLLER for a BIKE - 

WONDERFUL for a LARGE dog or 2 Dogs 

My Review on the PetEgo Comfort Wagon Dog Bike Trailer. Is it worth the price? 

Great price for this solid quality constructed Dog Bike Trailer.  You can't go wrong with the PetEgo brand of trailer or strollers.  This is great for a large size dog or a few smaller dogs together for a ride. Just attach to your bike and ride.  Perfect for the Senior English bulldog or other Senior Pet. 

Pet Ego, Comfort Wagon Dog Bike Trailer- see prices here 

Review from Amazon Customer ; 

I love this carrier! I've tried a few strollers & had to return them as they were not big enough for my large lab. I was unsure if I wanted to try this for $400, thinking that chances are it would be too tight of a fit. I measured my dog in every laying position & decided to give it a go; Amazon is excellent about returns anyhow. So glad I ordered!! Excellent construction. The canvas shell is very durable, the wheels are solid. It took me all of 1.5 minutes to put it together. Collapsing it & removing the wheels (handle etc with the stroller kit) for transport in a vehicle is equally quick & easy. It fits in my trunk (small Audi A4) with room to spare. It is so easy to push, even with 130lb lab inside. It is a smooth ride over large sidewalk cracks & bumps, & is very quiet as well. The feature that makes this carrier stand out above others is that all 4 sides unzip completely, allowing a large dog easy access. Without this feature, I'm not sure that my elderly lab would have been able to climb in. My lab is 12yrs old & can't walk long distances anymore with his aging hips, which really limited his outside exploration time & distance. Now we are again enjoying long walks that he loves so much! He is 130lbs, tall & long, and while he can't completely stretch out in this carrier, or stand up, he lays very comfortably. I've attached several pictures for reference of his large size & how a dog his size fits in this carrier. So very happy with this purchase!