NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Thursday, December 15

What a Blast with the Furbo Dog Camera

What a Blast with the Furbo Dog Camera. 

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Being able to see my dogs while I am out or at work definitely. puts my mind at ease.
By  Lei on August 18, 2016

Finally, a product that lets me see what my dogs are doing when I am not around...
I have always wanted to know what my dogs get up to when they’re left home alone, so as soon as I saw Furbo on Indiegogo I bought one. Although I had to wait a few months to get the product but I am glad to say it did arrive. Setting up wasn’t too complicated, just followed the instructions on the app and it was up and running. Being able to see my dogs while I am out or at work definitely, puts my mind at ease. Though I have to say, I now know I have quite lazy dogs...

We love Furbo! It's great that we can see what our furbabies are up to when we aren't home. The camera quality is great, and the treat dispenser works perfectly!

Our boys still can't figure out how they can hear my voice and not see me!
We check up on them several times a day.

Old Senior waiting for his treat to pop out. PLUS a HELLO from MOM 

4.0 out of 5 stars
Fun toy for human and dog!
By Karen on October 4, 2016
Great, innovative product! It is nice to be able to check in and see what Grizzly is up to during the day. He enjoys the treat function the most and tends to hang out and wait for treats after he remembers that the thing has treats. Sometimes, though, the treats get jammed and there is no way of knowing how many treats are left remotely (without physically opening the container and looking)

5.0 out of 5 stars
LOVE this ! 
By Linda 
 on October 5, 2016
Verified Purchase
I love this product! I get a text notification when my dogs bark, and I can check out what's going on. I have 3 dogs, and one with separation anxiety. Two will slowly slink away when I talk to them, but the anxious one will come to the camera. That helps us both feel better being apart!

Always together, even when apart

Ever wonder what your dog does all day? Or are you worried your furbaby is bored at home alone? Through Furbo, the bond with your dog is borderless. Furbo is a smart dog camera with a connected app that lets you see, talk, and even toss treats to your dog when you're away. Be together to your furry loved ones, no matter how far you go!

With Furbo you can:
  • Speak and listen to your dog: With the two-way audio, you and your dog can both hear each other
  • Play by tossing treats: Treat your dog from anywhere by swiping across the screen on the free Furbo iOS/Android app
  • HD live streaming of your dog: 120° wide-angle camera with 720p HD, 4x digital zoom, and night vision - don't miss out on any moments!
  • Get barking alerts: Furbo senses when your dog is barking and sends a push notification to your smartphone
  • Take lots of cute photos & videos: Capture special moments, and share with friends and family

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