NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Friday, December 30

Paw chewing ? Review on Jax and Daisy lotion and shampoo. Does it really work?

Will Jax and Daisy Really work?  Stop paw chewing with Jax and Daisy lotion.  

 Reviews on Jax and Daisey products 

Paw chewing is a sign of allergies either environmental or food related. Some dogs will lick and chew until they bleed! 

Jax n Daisy Lotion is an easy, effective way to treat this symptom. Rub the lotion on to the paws and in between the toes once per day to ease the itching and reduce the redness. Licking the lotion will not hurt your dog, but we do recommend distracting the dog with a walk or play time to give the lotion a few minutes to soak in and start working!

GREAT for any itchy areas on your dog!   LOW cost and lasts a long time !!!

Read the Reviews here!  Many customers give their Praise for this Natural Lotion.

SEE all 61 Reviews at this link

Always feed a good quality food 

` NO corn in your food or junk fillers...

Most of my clients use the NuVET Doggie Vitamin daily to help with skin, coat and immune system 

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