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Finally results with this itchy dog lotion

Finally results with this itchy dog  lotion / Jax and Daisy review 

Oh boy !!!!   
Love this Jax and Daisy  Anti fungal, Antibacterial Dog Lotion

So many of our dogs and cats suffer with itchy skin and excessive shedding.  NOW a SAFE product you can use daily all over their body. 

Just avoid eyes and inside of ears please.  
This is used on the skin and not to be used internally.. JUST an FYI 😃

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I really do see this working;  Great for the skin, just work down through the coat to the skin.  Use on the paws.. NO worries if they lick any of the product ... Very safe 


This will work great on cysts , many bulldog have cysts between their toes ( claws )  .. Adding this lotion daily will do the trick .

The company states 

  • For pets suffering from hot spots, constant scratching, rolling, and general skin dermatitis
  • Unique blend of infused natural ingredients
  • When applied daily, it aids in inhibiting the growth of fungal bacterial skin infections
  • Affordable, effective, non-sticky, topical lotion
  • Relief for your pet's pain and itching


May we also Suggest this item 



Also we suggest a little BAG Balm on the bottom of your dog's paws this winter..

Great for all year round protection..
This is an old time product from VT.
Every home with kids or pets should have some Bag Balm on hand 

Order here:  at Amazon or look in a store near you ..

Hit link for price at Amazon

( often free or reduced shipping ) 

It's not always easy to find Bag Balm - sometimes it's in the baby department next to diapers.

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