Wednesday, August 10

Veggie weight loss stew for Dogs / skinny dog diet

Skinny Diet  ( this is to be used a few months to help a canine take off some excessive weight 

Please work in conjunction with your licensed Vet. (  if your Vet has questions on the diet, they can reach me ..

They can reach me at 

 veggie stew  Recipe ... 

2 Big cans Diced Stewed Tomatoes ( NO ADDED salt brand ) 
2 reg size Cans of Green Beans  ( NO added Salt brand or rinse ) 
2 green Peppers coarsely chopped -- small pieces 
2 bags of shredded Cabbage 
1 zucchini - chopped small 
1 Med size bag of baby carrots chopped into bite sizes

Mix All ingredients into large Crock Pot 
or POT ,Add 2-3 cups of water :

Simmer for 2-3 Hours , until Carrots and Cabbage are Soft

FEEDING -  Cut your Regular Dog food amount in 1/2 and replace that 1/2 with this Skinny Dog stew
YOU will be adding 1 cup of this Skinny dog stew for every 1/2 cup of Dry dog food ( Dry dog kibble or wet dog food) ; 

This is high fiber and the cabbage well cooked won't cause too much of a gas problem 
-- If dog is hungry you can give a little more of the doggie diet stew ..

Remember this if fed with a Quality dry dog kibble food ..  The Skinny Dog stew is added to the dry kibble ..


Many of my clients also use 1 NuVET Plus Wafer per day for balance ..  

NuVET vitamin, also helps dogs find energy and increases their metabolism to break down food and burn calories 

NuVET is not sold is stores, holistic , SEE here   

YOU Want the GREEN bottle .. ( 90 DAY Guarantee ) 

YOUR Dry Dog food should be a quality brand .. 
Made in the USA... NO corn or junk filler

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Call 1-800-474-7044 

YOUR dry dog food should be a Quality Brand with NO CORN or junk fillers