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Thursday, July 14

Cures for tear stains and wrinkle stains English bulldogs and more

Chronic tear stains?  Help is here and it works..  In 90 days or less you should have REDUCED tear and or wrinkle stains --  
~~~also reduces Shedding too 

Yes, bulldog wrinkles stains will also be reduced or GONE 

Current photo ..  So Sweet and NO STAINS

For ALL Ages 

or call in at  1-800-474-7044   
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NUVET PLUS is NOT sold in stores.. It's HOLISTIC 

Make sure you tell them Pet Nurse Marie sent you...


YOU also need a Good PROBIOTIC ..  We use the PEARLS :  

Did you know PEARLS Probiotics and NuVet Plus Supplement has Reduced or cured many dogs with chronic Tear stains and Ear Infections ? 

This really works if it's YEAST overgrowth that your pet has in his gut and skin.

OFTEN we need to HEAL from the inside out ..

THIS Pearl gets digested in the small intestine and gets 

PAST the stomach acids

Pick up some PEARLS - it's a probiotic in the Blue box -
 MOST dogs will need 1 PEARL per day for 90 Days and that's it.
 (short term) - sometimes 120 days...  - It's Natural and safe -


It's for humans but pets take it too. IT will help to balance out the Yeast and balance out the ITCHIES.....
YOU can find Pearls at Walmart / Target/ CVS / Walgreens

Make sure you only get the blue box.. must be this one pictured here.. 


Can Tear Stains Be Prevented?


In many cases, it is easier to prevent tear stains than it is to cure them. Try to eliminate all allergens and toxic chemicals from your living area for your pet. Ensure that your pet eats a balanced diet full of high-quality foods. The most important thing you can do to prevent tear stains is to add a supplement to your dog’s diet each day. NuVet has a great variety of supplements for both dogs and cats. The use of NuVet Plus each day will improve your pet’s total health, from bones and joints to skin and coat. These supplements will also help stave off the issues that cause tear staining.

For more information on the complete line of NuVet products, learn more 
YOU WANT the GREEN BOTTLE.. YUM YUM NuVET and it's LIVER flavored treats....

 REMEMBER order code 81098  not sold in stores

Made in the USA and Holistic 

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