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The importance of play and bonding with your puppy

The Importance Of Play In Puppies / 

 Healthy tips/supplements for puppy

You’ve just brought a new puppy home, and you know you have a lot of work to do. You have to buy all of the supplies your new four-legged family member needs, and you are going to start training as soon as possible. Of course, you have to potty train your puppy as well and spend time exercising with them each day. With this new busy schedule, it can be easy to overlook the importance of play and the role it plays in your puppy’s development. 

However, playtime is essential and these tips can help you understand why.

 Playing helps your puppy learn social rules and norms in your home. When you play with your puppy, you help them learn that it hurts when they bite.

You teach them which toys they can play with, and which items in your house are off limit. You show them that you will take time for them each day.  Choose Quality Tough toys... 
( NO family shoes ) 

 Playtime can also improve your dog’s senses and teach them how to focus on a task
Search and find games are perfect for showing your dog how to use its instincts as well as sight, sound, and smell to find a toy. You also help them improve their mental capabilities, as you allow them to have fun while focusing on one particular task.

 Spending one-on-one time with your dog while playing also establishes a bond between you and your new pet. 

Your new puppy needs to know that you are going to take care of all of their needs, including the need to feel loved. When you spend special time enjoying fun play activities with your pet, you will bond with your new puppy. This increases trust and will help improve the training process as your dog adjusts to life in your home. Playtime keeps your puppy happy, which helps them to stay healthy.
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While playtime is sure to help your puppy grow up to be healthy, strong and well-adjusted, you should also take additional steps to improve your dog’s development. Nutritional supplements, such as Nu Vet Plus are also an important addition to your puppy’s diet.  (  )

These supplements are designed to boost your dog’s immune system and provide them with a completely balanced diet, which cannot be achieved with pet food alone.  EVEN if your pet food is Quality some of the nutrients are destroyed in the Heating / COOKING process.  
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