NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Wednesday, February 3

Pesticides, Flea Treatments and your Dog's poisoned Liver

Your Dog's liver needs to be cleaned if you were on Trifexis recently.  Here is one product many of my clients use. 

It's great for all pets even if they have not used Trifexis. 

If your dog has been exposed to Trifexis, Please order this right away..  It's one of the best products for detox.  YOU can open the capsule if needed and place into the food.  Make sure you buy Quality when giving supplements.  ( Many of the supplements at Walmart are junk and poor quality ) 

Your Dog's liver needs to be cleaned often.  Let me explain why ..........

                   Let's Detox your pet 

 What a Healthy Liver Does for your pet 
The liver is part of the hepatic body system. It is the most metabolically complex organ in the body; a warehouse for nutrients and a quality control center for digestion.
All blood from the digestive tract is sent to the liver through the hepatic vein. This allows the liver to process nutrients, filter toxins and send some toxins back to the digestive tract through the bile.
In addition to being the body's primary detoxification center, there's more...
  • Bile made in the liver emulsifies and aids digestion of fats. (Think canine lipoma, or fatty tumor.)-- YES -- LIPOMA.. think about it 
  • Makes cholesterol to transport fats through the body.- LDL cholesterol takes fats to the tissues- HDL cholesterol brings fats back to the liver
  • The liver acts as a warehouse for the blood
  • Plays a critical role in maintaining blood sugar levels (think dogs with diabetes)
Immune System
  • Part of a dog's immune response
  • Helps protect the body from infection

Let's Talk About Liver Toxins
If there are too many toxins to process, dog liver health goes out the window. (A decline in general dog health follows) I think this is where the bulk of misunderstanding occurs.
Most of us go along our merry way thinking because our dog doesn't eat the toilet cleaner, oven cleaner or suck up a can of Raid, he or she is not getting toxins. Not true!
Here's a list of common toxins the liver metabolizes as long as it can:
  •  Food additives (notorious in many major brand dog foods)
  •  Pesticides (can be in dog foods and the environment)-
  •  Pesticides are  OFTEN in your FLEA & TICK  prevention !!!
  •  Heavy metals (One is in dog vaccines)- MERCURY -
  •  Prescription Drugs ( Rimadyl  is an example )
  • Microbial toxins
  • Metabolic byproducts
The worst offender to me personally (ticks me off) is the mercury in vaccines. Yes! We actually pay someone to inject a heavy metal into our pets. How dumb is that? And it builds up!

Herbs for the Liver
If you grow your own herbs, here are a few used to increase dog liver health
  • Dandelion 
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Yellow Dock
  • Milk Thistle 
  • Burdock
Of course there are also some good herbal combinations you can buy as well. 

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People are tired of all the pet food recalls and not know where the food is manufactured or what exactly is their furry friend’s food. But they are not sure where to get this info.  Marie Peppers will guide you through all the information and ensure your pet has the best diet possible.
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In closing let me say ...
Luckily dog liver health can be increased because it is possible for the liver to regenerate.
 Gently healing the liver with herbs and supplements while feeding a truly nutritious diet is the only way I know for permanent healing.

Flea Treatments Poison your pets !
Immunizations and poisoning the liver

My disclaimer for this site:
Marie Peppers, Experience Licensed Nurse Trained in Holistic Pet Medicine; Supplements certifications* My comments to your questions are not to be used "in lieu of" veterinarian's advise ( I can work along with your Veterinarian

A special thanks to my Mentor 

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