NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Thursday, February 4

Itchy Terrier shampoo and supplements

Oh my itchy Dog !          Itchy Terrier 

NuVet Plus  Testimonial From Mel in Florida - 


I have a 3 year old Brussels 
​Griffon​ T​errier mix that I adopted over a year ago.  I was ​recommended ​to the ​NuV​et ​P​lus vitamins and shampoo by a good friend of mine and must say that I was amazed at the transformation. 

Her little matted coat became soft and shiny with the Nuvet ​Shampoo and ​
Cassidy immediately LOVED ​the NuVet Wafer treat. ​

S​he has really made a complete change from the little scrappy dog I adopted over a year ago​.​ I just have​ to attribute her doing so great and being so healthy from the Nu​Vet Plus ​supplement. 
Thanks NuVet Plus !! 

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