NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Tuesday, May 12

Doggie DETOX interdigital cysts

PAW troubles ?  Itchy ?  Paw LICKING 
Let's detox your dog's skin, coat, and paws 

 Interdigital Cysts do great with this bath

Itchy skin?  Hot spots all the time ?  Allergy dog can get relief 

 Money Saving tips ; Marie Peppers, LPN MA / ; English Bulldogs ; Experience Nurse for over 17 years,,, Trained in Holistic Pet Medicine; Supplement and Vitamin certifications; PLEASE NOTE  My comments and answers to your questions or any information in my articles is not to be diagnosis, or treatment*.

OLD Fashioned Remedy is Epsom's Salts 

Interdigital Cysts -  Many dogs get them ;  all breeds;

OLD time Epsom's salts 

A good Soak in Epsom's Salt daily ;   

Warm Epsom salt water soaks twice a day helps. The cyst needs to be totally submerged under the water. Soak the affected foot for at least 10 minutes in the warm salt water then pat dry.

  Everyone should have some Colloidal Silver in the house

YOU can use Silver on any cysts, wound or cut

For people and pets ; 

check out GNC stores for Colloidal Silver
HOPE this helps...

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