Thursday, April 30

Save your Bulldog's life and keep LEMON juice handy!

Safety tip for bulldogs, pugs and others;  Save a dog's life with lemon juice. 

Lemon JUICE, keep on hand 

Pet Nurse Marie's blog; Lemon for Bulldogs

 "Keep a small squeeze bottle of lemon juice handy, such as the kind made by RealLemon®. 

If your Bulldog is overheated, breathing can become unusually labored and loud, and the tongue may begin to turn bluish.
 Much of this is caused by a buildup of phlegm that blocks the airways.

 Use lemon juice ON THE TONGUE ONLY, to break up phlegm. NEVER EVER SQUIRT INTO THE MOUTH, as this could go into the lungs and also lead to pneumonia.

 You can also squirt to the side of the dog's mouth ...

This really works .. keep some around 

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