NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Sunday, January 4

Tear Stains Remedy , My Chelsey and Beverly's Janie bulldog

 ~~~ 3  things you need for Wrinkle Stains or tear stains 

Remove  tear stains without pharmaceutical antibiotics. | 50 
tMy English Bulldog Chelsey has had a problem with dry eyes and tear stains.  Chelsey is fed a wonderful grain free food called Zignature Brand.  The tear stains were a chronic problem through her life before I adopted her.  We are dealing with years of poor diet and and neglected eye care.
We now use this Natural product 1 time per day are experiencing  slow and steady results on her tear stains; She is taking a Supplement, using special eye cleaning pads and on an excellent food.
She does suffer from dry eye and uses drops from our Vet.  The eye pads  also helps to reduce redness and itching around the eye.

Tear Stain Causes

Physical characteristics, such as long hair on the muzzle or around the eyes, deep facial wrinkles, blocked tear ducts or bulging eyes can cause tear stains. Biological causes of red tear stains include red yeast, various eye and ear infections and pH imbalance. Red tear stains can also be caused by environmental factors, such as plastic food or water bowls and minerals in the water your dog drinks.

# 1

This can be used with anything that your vet is also using.

bullet Contain no pharmaceuticals or chemicals
bullet Gentle, tearless formula
bullet Safe for even the youngest puppy
bullet Alcohol Free
bullet Nothing to mix 

The reason tear stains are so hard to eradicate is that they are a visible symptom of a deeper systemic problem. The most common cause of the redness is yeast infection (epiphora) which in turn is produced by bacteria. That's why, if you want to get rid of tear stains, it's not enough to simply wipe the eyes with a cleansing product, you also need to supress and destroy the bacteria that are causing the problem. Eye wipes are unique because they are infused with colloidal silver, an antibacterial nano-particle that is highly effective at killing the offending bacteria while leaving beneficial flora and fauna intact. 
Remove  tear stains without pharmaceutical antibiotics. | 50 towelettes
These eye pads can be found at and some grooming supply stores




             #2                       Make sure you are on the NuVet Plus Supplement 

Chelsey is also taking NuVET Plus Daily , it's a wafer treat;  all natural 
Made in the USA   
about .65 cents pet day 
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# 3

Did you know PEARLS Probiotics and NuVet Plus Supplement has Reduced or cured many dogs with chronic Tear stains and Ear Infections ? 

Pick up some PEARLS - it's a probiotic in the Blue box -
 MOST dogs will need 1 PEARL per day for 90 Days and that's it.
 (short term) - sometimes 120 days...  - It's Natural and safe 

It's for humans but pets take it too. IT will help to balance out the Yeast and balance out the ITCHIES.....YOU can find Pearls at Walmart  or the BEST price is BELOW .. SEE LINK 

THIS Is not a drug, it's a Supplement ... 
PLEASE Consult your VET -  As far as I have seen,  PEARLs and other Supplements should be fine with anything your VET currently has your pet taking.

( My suggestions are not to take the place of your licensed Vet )   Seek Vet care for any infection or Illness -  Try Holistic Measures after you have had a diagnosis -- Thanks 

SEE NuVET Plus Wafer info and ordering Below --

NuVET and PEARLS Probiotics work together;  

HEAL from the INSIDE out -- if you have tear stains or EAR infections you have systemic yeast --   Use PEARLs -- 

Rashes - Itching -Body Odor - Smelly Ears - Reoccurring Ear & Bladder infections -Red Skin - Sores - Scabs - Shedding - Arthritis - Genital Discharge - Hotspots - Blackened skin.
Keep in mind the biggest filter organ in the body is the skin so when these toxins leak out of the contained system and into the bloodstream, they eventually make their way to the outer layer, the skin, and deposit the toxins on the surface of the skin causing itching, irritation, odor and then a secondary bacterial infections become a problem as well. Reoccurring ear infections are often treated with antibiotic, which don't even touch yeast infections of the ears, and in fact make it worse as it destroys the beneficial bacteria of the ear canal, altering the pH of the ear and making it comfy for yeast to want to grow there.

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LOVE your Janie !! 
Beverly G's Testimonial( NuVET Review) , Jannie Bulldog 

No more tear stains and amazing Coat now... Took a good 90 days for the 100% results, although after the first 45 days I noticed changes not only with the tear stains, but skin, shedding, gas, energy level, sparkle in her eyes themselves, toning of muscle, so many things. I know it was a combined effort, by I also believe this product alone does super wonderful things. I went the exact route you recommended from the start. ~~~~~ Thanks Beverly for your Testimonial..