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Pet Skin Spray using Apple Cider Vinegar ; Vinegar works for your pet's hot spots

 Using Apple Cider Vinegar on your pet's Hot spots ;
 Using Apple Cider Vinegar for Flea control ; 
Apple Cider Vinegar for Cat/ Dog Ear infections ; 

Apple Cinder Vinegar. It has many benefits, including healing ( assisting the healing process)  skin problems and hot spots. The  raw, unpasteurized ACV, such as the Bragg brand, helps relieve the actual itching and scratching..  Reduces inflammation and aides in healing ;  spend a few cents more and buy the Raw , unfiltered brand of ACV

( MY ADVICE is not to take the Place of a licensed Vet;  Please seek out your local vet for any chronic ongoing issues ) 
Simply take a Flat cotton pad or cotton ball and dab some apple cider vinegar onto the irritated skin. Your dog may not be a fan of the smell, but no worries, it will quickly fade.

 Apple Cinder Vinegar - Don't use anything less than this brand ; unpasteurized  ACV

Hot spots go away !!! 

Fleas ?
Works on Fleas too ! 

this is a Way to AVOID the commercial chemical-laden treatments ..

Before treating your pet with ACV, do your best to remove as many of the buggers as you can. You can pick them out or use a flea comb, which will also help remove some of the eggs. 
As a rinse, shampoo your dog as you normally would, and rinse thoroughly. Then rinse your pet’s coat thoroughly with ACV and massage. Fleas do not like the odor or taste of the vinegar, so they should bail out or rinse off when you next rinse off the ACV. 
As an added bonus, the ACV will likely improve your dog’s skin and coat.  It can help with dry skin and increase the shine in your pet’s coat. It can also help with odor.
 As a spray, you can use an ACV mixture for flea prevention and control. You can make a simple mixture with one part ACV to two parts vinegar.
Another commonly used recipe is as follows: • 8 oz of Apple Cider Vinegar • 4 oz of warm water • 1/2 teaspoon of salt • 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda Mix the salt and baking soda together, then add the mixture to the water and ACV mix in a spray bottle 

Use an ear syringe (found at drug stores) to squirt a vinegar solution into the ear and let it sit for a minute or so, then turn your head and let the liquid drain out.

Solution Mix :
The vinegar solution can be a 50/50 mixture of ACV and pure water, a 50/50 mixture of ACV and rubbing alcohol or a solution consisting of one-third vinegar, one-third pure water, and one-third rubbing alcohol.  ( If your pet has OPEN areas or open cuts do not use the rubbing alcohol - skip the alcohol and just do vinegar (Apple cider Vinegar) and mix with water; 
ONLY use a few drops each ear of Dog or Cat

If the ear problem persists, see your Vet professional.
My Advice is not to take the place of your Licensed Vet. 


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