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Dog Tested and approved meatball recipe, English bulldog APPROVED recipes,

Dog Tested and approved meatball recipe, approved by our English Bulldogs.  YUM YUM 

Doggie Meatball Recipe 

USE as a meal or snack 

( Need grain free?  T
his is NOT a grain free recipe;
 Here is an option, 
You can try this,


It's gluten free oats, much better than the Quaker oats for Allergy Dogs; 

 Dog Meatballs - can be used for dogs as a snack or as a meal - YOU can use this as the Am meal or the PM meal.


Dog Food Recipe by Michele and her VET 

1 pound Ground chicken  ( Or GROUND Turkey is a good option ) 
and also use-  
1 pound Ground beef 
2% small curd cottage cheese  - ( 1/2 cup )
3 cups  oats soaked in low-sodium chicken broth-( regular not the Fast cook) - Quaker oats, 
1 cup peas 
1/2 cup string beans 
2 tablespoons salmon or fish oil (health food store or break open capsules from grocery store) 
3 eggs - 4 eggs
1  boiled yam or sweet potato -this is great protein and helps keep everything moist.

Mix together and make into meatballs the size of your dogs portion. Bake them at 350 until they are completely done.  ( 15 to 20 minutes .. ovens may vary ) 

Freeze into bags and warm up in microwave until warm and serve. They should love it and it is all digested so there is very little waste and smell.

( If you are going to home cook on a regular basis PLEASE contact me )

YOU will need a MORE balanced recipe for added calcium 

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