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Sunday, November 10

Dogs with hot spots? Minor wounds? Nu-Stock is amazing!

Reviews on products used at our facility; 

Today I am reviewing  NuStock 
Wounds, scratches, skin abrasions -  for dogs, cats and farm animals;  

Product Review from Pet Nurse Marie -  Many of my clients have hot spots or cuts or abrasions 

Make sure you have some NuStock on hand for all your pets - Dogs, Cats and Farm Critters; - I can't say enough good about this product !!!! it does smell a little for about 1 hour and use gloves or your hands will smell ; it has a bit of a sulfur smell to it ... IT Totally works .. I use it all the time 

You can find this here with Quick Shipping  or any Farm/Feed store.
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Every HOME should have some NuStock - it only lasts about 6-8 months as it will harden - Always squeeze and mix well - that way it won't become cement - This is for all animals - started out for horses and cows -


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Don't forget the NuVET Plus Daily Dog Wafer / Vitamin 

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WHEN you order the NuVET Plus  from Marie Peppers a portion of the proceeds goes to Senior Pet Rescue year round - Peaceful Surroundings Sanctuary in SC 

Our Seniors at the Sanctuary, Thank you 
Marie makes a small commission from the NuVET sales to help the pets

After you order NuVet , let me know ! 
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