NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Tuesday, November 19

English Bulldog Paws; Paw cyst on bulldogs,

Interdigital Cysts -  Many dogs get them ;
Relief with Epsom salt , dog paws red? 

 Here are some Tips to help 

A good Soak in Epsom's Salt daily ;   

Warm Epsom salt water soaks twice a day helps. 
The cyst needs to be totally submerged under the water. 

Soak the affected foot for at least 10 minutes in the warm salt water then pat dry.

Interdigital cyst 

Many of my clients take one  WAFER Daily to keep their skin healthy...

NuVET Plus Wafers will also help to HEAL cysts and skin conditions  

NUVET Plus Wafer 

Daily - Give the NuVet Plus supplement/ Vitamin -

( NOT sold in stores - all Natural) Holistic 

It helps to Heal, Reduce any swelling, fights off allergens and will aid in healing 


 NuVet Plus helps with Reducing Shedding , hot spots and allergy problems in all breeds of dog 

                                                                                      Wipes I use: 
                       ~~when your dog comes inside - Wipe his/her feet with unscented wipes

 or the HUGGIES Unscented BABY wipes are good too 

PLEASE Remember this info is NOT to replace your Vet -                                                          Please see your Vet for exam ;  

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