NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Tuesday, May 28

Fleas, Mosquito and the flying bugs are Blasted !

Want to keep the Flying bugs off your pets and you??? 

 I am using this Equine product - safe for all ***


 I am using this product -- Horse product but safe for Humans and pets...

 ALL Natural - a big bottle will last you a long time ; I have a 32 ounce bottle -- 

The smell is nice too, I spray them outside , mainly on the  top of head and neck , then rear --  

 NO flies or mosquito will come near !      YOU can buy this at 

 YES for all pets ..


NEXT -  Defend your pet with NuVet Plus *****

Fleas and other bugs do not like a HEALTHY Pet -    

So keep your Pet's immune system strong with the Daily NuVet Plus Supplement ;

The vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs contained in NuVet Plus® Vitamin  help to 

strengthen your pet’s skin and immune system against potential damage from flea bites, 

allergic reactions to flea saliva and secondary infections.       Not only will 

NuVet Plus® help to strengthen your pet’s immune system against flea bites it will keep your 

pets Healthy and Save you money on Vet bills.

Marie has 1000s of clients taking NuVet Plus wafer or powder daily ---

NuVet is a Vitamin and skin supplement , all in one!    KEEP your pets healthy and safe with your Daily NuVet Plus. 

This is Holistic and NOT sold in pet stores,

  Order here:     ORDER HERE

( if you want the small bottle for 19.99 , you need to call into the office at 1-800-474-7044 )  they have a 1 or 2 month size bottle that is Not offered on the web store, so you need to call for the smaller sizes ) 
 MOST people buy the 90 count bottle   - 

use Discount code 81098 and ask for the Discount program they offer 



Natural Powder ---------  D.E. 

FLEAS !!!!  Tics !!!!!                    
                                  Blasted AWAY                 

LOW cost / Natural 

flea control:    Must be the food grade product -- ( for pet and for yard)  

I wrote this last spring;  it's still the Same plan ... Natural options if at all possible:
by Marie Peppers, LPN MA  
Alternative Treatments for Fleas on Pets :   

Dust on your Pet every 3-4  days --- 
 ( work the powder sprinkles into the skin )  the powder should not be near your pets eyes or nose; 
DE is to be used on your pet and  IN the  YARD - 
, I sprinkle it onto my dogs and cats ( and the Goats too)
- It is safe and natural  - here is what I order  *** Order Food Grade or Organic -- Sometimes called : Human Grade 

SEE link below ; Human Grade DE ( can be found at many FEED and FARM stores or on-line)
Diatomaceous Earth (DE)  FOOD GRADE / human grade 
A low cost, non-toxic, safe mineral made of crushed fossils. Pure Diatomaceous
Earth can be used during the parasite season both internally and externally to
improve health, appearance, and well-being of animals. Diatomaceous Earth is a
product that can be used as a nutritional supplement for a wide variety of
conditions. Contains the highest concentration of pure, raw Diatomaceous Earth

 I was JUST outside in my yard , applying this powder to all the shaded areas -- corners of the yard and around the porch and stairs -- fleas and eggs like to hide in the darker areas that are NOT sunny ....