NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Friday, December 21

Homemade dog for recipe for itchy dogs, the best dog food for allergy dogs,

Allergy itchy dog, try this recipe;  Beef and Rice for your itchy dog,

This is for a Chronic Ear infection dog that was on commercial food; 

Cooking for your Allergy Pooch with itchy ears ..

dog recipe / allergies
**here is the recipe and a supplement:  Works very well with many of my clients...
For a 15 pound dog -  

Beef and Rice Diet  

2 pounds very lean beef (raw weight), ~~cook Please  ( lean ground beef 88% or more / Lean)
3 eggs, large, hard-boiled  - chop into quarters
3  cups brown rice, long-grain, cooked ( boiled )
1 teaspoon of VERY CRUSHED Egg Shells --- ( or you can buy bone meal tablets )  ***            

You can Buy bone meal   -NOW Brand,  Bone Meal Powder at Amazon , Order HERE 

1 teaspoon of olive oil 
1/2  can of green beans - NO added salt ,  cut into small bites     ( or frozen green beans / Steamed)
1/4  teaspoon salt substitute (potassium chloride)
1  vitamin-mineral ( NuVET Waffer ) see below:  PER DAY

( The green beans can be cooked in a skillet with:)Cook in skillet with a dash of olive oil and dash of garlic powder ( pinch)
Provides 730 kilocalories, 40.7 grams protein, 19.7 grams fat.

How Much to feed? ( For a 15 pound dog  give about  1 cup  in the am,  and  1   cup in the pm )


For Snacks - Get a Good grain free dog treat- 

SEE here    

Meats -  LET's do 1 month of Beef and see how she does --

The following month you can try ground Chicken or Ground turkey

Veggies -  
zucchini - cooked in a skillet with a dash or two of olive oil
or ,   the green beans;
Just choose 1 veggie per batch of food:

If you find your dog needs more  you can add another 1/4 cup to the pm meal -    This is highly digestible 
Just work with your dog and see how she fills up .

Let me know if you have any  questions -  This food will stay good for 3-4 days otherwise, you need to freeze it 

Happy Cooking!

NU VET Plus Daily Vitamins 

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THIS FEEDING program and Supplement will clear up her itchy ears 
Please Remember I am not a Vet -  See your Vet for any redness or pain in noted areas 

If you need help adjusting a recipe for a large or small dog with Allergies, please contact me at    ( I will help you )