Wednesday, October 17

Arthritis in your Canine ; Stiff legs ? NuJoint Plus

STIFF LEGS / Dogs with Arthritis: This works and it's NOT A drug ... 

Scrappy loves his NuJOINT Plus --- Ask Ruthann  Of GA English Bulldog Rescue - his Mom ;   


RIP Scrappy, He was an amazing NuJOINT plus Spokes Doggie 

        ( 60 day Challenge- money back guarantee) Arthritis is generally a wear-and-tear disease seen more often in older dogs. As a result of continual rubbing, the cartilage wears away leaving bone ends exposed to each other. 
Since there are no nerve endings in the cartilage, no pain is felt until the cartilage is worn away; but when that happens, the edges of bones rub together causing pain and inflammation.

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