NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Monday, September 3

No more Allergies and tear stains ! My Bulldog FACE looks GREAT ! Thanks NuVet Plus and Miss Marie

Jake , update - 3 years later , still looking good ; No excessive shedding and No tear stains ;  My ears look good, too! 

 I love getting the Praise Reports on NuVET Plus !!!!

Testimonial for NuVET !!!   This is Jake :

I'm a NuVet dog!  I take all my vitamins so I grow up big and strong.                                                         Thanks Miss Marie! I look and feel like a million bucks!

- Jake the bulldog MOM SAYS ~~~
 ***No tear stains, no red paws, no paw odor, no tail pocket issues....just shiny, thick coat, better energy level, and overall healthier look to him.
You can just look at him and know he feels great inside.                                                                                  And it makes me feel like a good momma :)

Bulldogs tend to have Allergies, Tear stains, Tail pocket infections, chronic ear infections ;
 NuVET helps to prevent and protect your pets !

We also recommend a good quality food with little to no Fillers --- No Corn.
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Fromm's Brand is also an excellent brand with NO recalls                  

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