NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Wednesday, April 4

Is your dog on the drug Atopica ?

Concerns about the Drug - Atopica ?     Some Q & A from clients;
Pet Parents - Research every drug you place your pets on , for side effects:
BE a smart consumer:  ( in all aspects, not just with pet care) 

Has anyone tried "Atopica" for allergies/itching?   Did you have any side effects?             I believe that Atopica has something to do with Bubba's swollen lymph nodes. Going back to vet today.  I would really like him off the drug.

Pet Owners - Read about Atopica and it's possible side effects - PLUS/ it costs a few $$$$ too,     Just read before you place your pets on any drugs.   YES, some drugs are needed just do your research to be aware.

Excellent info:

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The truth is that many veterinarian, both holistic and conventional, shiver with dread when they contemplate this product called Atopica . One of my clients -a nurse- contacted me after her veterinarian had suggested Atopica. She explained to me the strict rules and protective actions that a nurse needs to take when administering cyclopsporine, (which is the active ingredient in Atopica) to human patients were enough to make her very wary of using the product on her dog.

Atopica is a product that touts its efficaciousness with dogs who have allergies and other dermatological conditions. Most of my readers will know that allergies result from an incorrect response of the immune system to foods and environmental substances. For many years steroids such as prednisolone were used to decrease the ability of the immune system to function and thus relieve the allergies. It’s when steroids can’t and don’t work that Atopica is prescribed. Why does it often work so well? What does it do? How does it work?

Cyclosporine is a mycotoxin. Mycotoxins are harmful products produced by fungi. They are chemical in nature and are immune suppressing. Fungi rely on the mycotoxins they produce to kill any bacteria, other fungi, viruses and anything else that might compete with them. They suppress the immune system of dogs, cats and humans. Some examples of mycotoxins found in nature are aflotoxins, the most potent carcinogen on earth, and ocharatoxins- both produced by an Aspergillus fungi. Medical mycotoxins include Adriamycin, a chemotherapy drug, and lovastatin, a cholesterol-lowering drug.