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Sunday, March 11

Bullie Bath Ear powder

Tips to keep ears DRY and Free from Infection :   I love Excel EAR Powder
***after every bath put this ear powder in the Dog's ears --- It will keep away infections --- GREAT stuff:   It will keep dirt out of the ears and keeps the ears dry - it has a slight medicine smell for an hour or so... But that's ok  ( it is sold at com or Many other pet supply stores:

I use this often - after just about EVERY bullie Bath!  Figured I would mention it!
It has some powdered iodine in it...
Very safe but that's what the slight odor is...
Relieve your pet's irritating ear itch and help prevent bacteria and fungal growth by keeping ear canals dry.
 Dogs with long ears or those exposed to water frequently can have problems with excess moisture inside the ear.  ****This ear powder contains 5.0% iodoform, an antiseptic that supports dry, clean ear conditions. After thoroughly cleaning your pet's ears with Ear Cleaner ( WE use the NuVET Plus EAR Cleaner, dry them completely.   Then, simply hold the Ear Powder applicator tip about an inch from your pet's ears and squeeze directly into the ear. 

YOU all know that I also have my dogs and clients on NuVET Plus Supplements- it helps support the immune system to FIGHT off infection.   NuVET also helps fight off allergens that cause allergic reactions. 
SEE here for NuVET Plus :
Mention Pet Nurse Marie sent you for the 60 count bottle at 39.00  ( YOU must call-in for the 60 count )   1-800-474-7044    ( the web store does sell the 55.00 size ( that's the 3 month supply ) ( give referral code 81098 )

NEED POWDER?  We have a NuVET Powder or Wafer