Sunday, February 12

NuVet Plus helps to heal your pet

NuVet Testimonial  " Helps to Heal "   "This truly made my dog better"
JUST in 2/12

I truly believe that Maybull got better by using the Natural product called  NuVet Plus.                         
My 8 yr old spayed female had been in a cone for 6 wks due to her eyes not healing.  She had been treated for two ulcers in her right eye and one in her left.  The eyes were just not healing well at all, until I found NuVet Plus !    She had crystals in her bladder and chronic urinary tract infections.             Her immune system was just beat down. NOW, by using the NuVET Plus, a Probiotic ( PEARLS)   and her custom homecooked diet she is BETTER than she has EVER been. 
                                                        Within 2  weeks on the new program her eyes started healing, her energy level was high,  and her coat is amazing.  No more crazy shedding !  Her urine is normal for the first time in her life and she hardly has any "excited piddle" accidents.  I'm sure that her bladder is just no longer irritated. THANK YOU Pet Nurse Marie for all your help!!                       
  We  have now avoided another costly and dangerous eye surgery!!!
And, I have a happy, healthy girl.

Maybull's Mom , Renee

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