NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Thursday, February 9

NuVet Plus review; English bulldog Walter loves his NuVET wafers!

Another NuVet Plus review.....

NuVET customers or Folks that have been thinking about Trying the NuVET Plus Pet Supplement... ( Allergy Blaster ) ---
WALTER's UP DATE from MOM ~~ Tonya Goodwin Stated:  - Walter's MOM
- NEW NuVET update today!!! Walter's Mommy here: I have to say these are the best supplements I have found.   He is a little over 4 years old has had many medical problems and has managed to some how pull through them.   He had giardia when he was about 3 months old and demodex at 5 months of age  . Around age 2 he was diagnosed with idiopathic seizures.   Unaware at the time that giardia and demodex had weakened his immune system.   When I found NuVet I was originally looking for something to help with shedding and to supplement his diet during weight loss which he needed.   NuVet PLUS  more than answered my prayers.  He has been on NuVet Wafers for around 5 months. I can not believe the difference it made in his energy and coat.                Now when I brush him hardly any hair falls off.    He has lost 13lbs and has kept it off for 3 months now. NuVET gave him energy..    If your dog has medical problems or has had medical problems in the past it may have compromised his immune system.   If they are shedding in excessive to what they normally do try NuVet Wafers to supplement their current diet. As far as his idiopathic seizures NuVet has not interacted with his medication.  NuVET can be used along with anything your VET offers.  MY TIP :  Take a good look at your dogs coat, if the coat appears unhealthy they are not getting what they need. Since I have seen so much improvement in his coat I know it is helping his insides.  
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