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Monday, December 19

Itchy French Bulldog ?

Alternative Medicine for Pets
Itchy French Bulldogs;

Hello, I have two 1 year old frenchies (m/f) who both have had issues with their skin for as long as we've had them (Sophie: Since 4months old, Remington: Since 1 yr old). Sophie has been tested for allergies and the results were food allergies. We have yet to test Remi as his allergies seem to vary with the weather. Now that it's winter, he does not seem to be suffering at all. (I should also mention that we live in a tropical climate which can be very humid and may also be affecting the pups as well.)

They have both been to numerous vets and until Remi's allergies calmed down, we were visiting the vet once a month and paying for 2 dogs! I guess it's become "the norm" to us to haul the pups in the car and go to the vet every month.

As of now Sophie is on antibiotics and a steroid for anti-inflammatory, which I've been told can be harmful if taken for a long period of time. I've changed their food numerous times from "high-end" pet food to fixing a raw diet and the only thing that seems to work is the medicine. They are fine being on medication but I don't know how this may harm them in the years to come.

While it may be more work to keep them on a raw diet, I'm not against it, but was hoping for a good supplement to go along with it instead of the medication.

Thanks in advance,

Christina M.

ANSWER from :  ASK the Pet Nurse, Marie Peppers
:Hi, LOVE Frenchies!!!! Two things I would do for your Frenchies.

1. Place them both on a probiotic --- If Amazon.com will ship to you ( APO address? In Japan), then order the PEARLS - it's a probiotic in the Blue box - order enough for each dog to have 1 per day for 90 days. ( Amazon has the best Price on PEARLS)
It's for humans but pets take it too. IT will help to balance out the Yeast and balance out the ITCHIES.....

2. NuVET PLUS supplement for each of your dogs. Give 1 NuVET wafer treat per day long term.
This will help to fight off the allergens that are hitting them.
Also, NuVET Plus helps to re-build a weak immune system...
Many pets on Steroids are able to lessen the steroid usage in time, with the VETS assistance.
Don't stop the steroids unless the VET is helping you low the dosages.
Yes, Steroids are not good for long term usage.

PLEASE write to NuVET here: I know they will ship to APO addresses in other countries.
Tell them Pet Nurse Marie sent you for the 90 count bottle /
ASK her how you can GET the 15% Off Discount program
   ( discount code 81098)
or you can call Joan Harris at 1-800-474-7044 ext 265
Here is the web site:
http://www.nuvet.com/81098  ( Make sure  you call in for the 15% OFF Discount program with code 81098****)   phone number above:

As far as food, I am not a raw feeder. I always refer my bullie clients to Grain free feeding or at least NO corn .... ( corn in dog food is a major problem )

HOPE this helps..
OH, NuVET also makes a nice TEA tree hot spot Spray and Shampoo that is under 10.00 per bottle and LASTS a long time.

Blessings to you

Marie Peppers LPN MA
ASK the Pet Nurse