Sunday, November 13

English bulldog itchy skin relief ;

Bulldog itchy relief with Bulldog Supplement;

NuVET for itchy dry coat...  It works or it's FREE
This is Rocco, a long time client of mine and NuVET Plus !

Take the 60-day trial/ Must call in for the 60 count bottle as it's not sold on the website.

THE Web site only sells the 90 count or larger:
60 COUNT at 39.00 is by PHONE in only:

1-800-474-7044 USE discount code 81098 for the 15% OFF Program ...
Tell them, Marie, the bulldog lady sent you.... HUGs !!!! ( Discount code 81098 ) 

Order here ( NOT sold in stores) 

Get the Wafers and the Green Bottle of shampoo