NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Wednesday, May 25

Pitbull with awful odor and shedding ! Smelly Pittie... Help

Smelly pitbull ; dog odor;
Poor you and poor dog!
 I bet this baby has an overgrowth of Yeast Bacteria.

Yeast has an awful odor.

If my suggestions don't help, please see the Vet for some help.
The Vet can do a skin scrape and look for fungus ...

Try the following:
NuVET Tea Tree Hot spot Shampoo/ /Wonderful product - use 1 x every 10 days.

Also, NuVET has a great hot spot spray for itchy areas...
Very low cost -
All Natural

Last, please start on a good skin and coat vitamin/supplement - the NuVET Plus Wafer - just 1 per day:

order here: HOLISTIC and not in any Pet store:

We use the Hot spot spray often -
Also, have been giving the 1 Wafer per day, for 3 years.

VERY little shedding and No odor at all....Thank god.