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Sunday, April 3

Cat food questions? Recipes for cat food; Cats with kidney stones ; ; Cats with Renal disease recipes ;

Cat Food Questions?
Recipes for cat food?
Special cat food recipes:
ASK Marie here:

( or ask me at my private e -mail:   mpmaltese@gmail.com -   Not sure on my recipes or how much to feed?  E-mail me the weight, age, and diagnosis of your cat ;  I can help you with amounts to feed per day
NEED a basic Recipe for a HEALTHY CAT ???  
SEE here  

Expertise- Ask the Pet Nurse ,  Marie Peppers LPN MA
Marie and her Husband John run a Pet Sanctuary for Seniors and Special needs pets in S.C

Cat food recipes; diabetic cat?; cats with kidney stones and struvites; home-cooking for cats; Cat Health and Nutrition questions; NuVet Feline Supplement ; feeding your new kitten; Natural Feline care;
Hello, I would be glad to help on kitten and cat feeding. Need help with choosing a new cat food? CAT food Reviews? I can also explain the good and bad of cat food ingredients.... Does your cat have troubles with digestion? Just ask me. Basic cat medical questions are welcome, too. Need help with supplements, vitamins or special diets, and recipes too - Cat food recipes... Please make sure you give me your cat's weight, brand of food you are feeding and detailed problem-  Please know that I am a Nurse and not a Vet.. See your local Vet for any urgent issues

Cats with kidney issues; 

Supplements and good home Cooking will do the trick:

Home-cooking is the best you can do..

Show your VET the Recipe... ( you can educate him/her) on proper feeding with home-made special diets:
My Advice is NOT in place of Vet Care;

First - good to have daily for cats with urinary problems ; 

Cranberry Supplement -   Give 1 dosage  per day per cat -  Open and hide in food.
this one is good ; ( powder )
Solid Gold  Company ;

As for food : 

here are some recipes for cats with urinary problems/  helps to keep away the UTIs and stones.

ALTERNATIVE to  Hill's RX food ; home cooking for cats with crystals ; stones; feline UTI; 

You need a low/ med  protein and low phosphorus food. 

A low-grain food for UTI and struvite control in cats:  

WE have had great luck with this diet:

Cats with Kidney Problems 

4 parts carbohydrate:   
Pureed barley flakes -  ( barley flakes can be found in the baby food area)
( you can also do some white rice but cats do like Barley flakes better ) 

2 parts protein:   
Lightly broiled chicken or beef ** (you can also use baby food chicken )
You can use a Dash of Olive oil with the beef
Do NOT fry 

1 part vegetable: 
Chopped alfalfa sprouts are best.  CARROT Juice is a great item to try - Just 1/8 cup 
CATS are not too fond of veggies...

MUST be pureed to digest  *( YOU can skip this if your cat doesn't like the veggies)- just try the carrot juice.  

2 teaspoons soft butter 

Cook at 350 for 15-20 minutes .

I cook all my meats.

A must for cats on home cooking ; 

NuVET supplement each day:
Most of my clients use NuVET Plus Feline -- 

Please add   1/2 to 3/4   teaspoon NuVet Cat powder  per day - per cat / of the NuVET feline powder/  this is a vitamin and much needed for cats when home cooking. 
  ( Will Balance out the home cooking )
Otherwise, they will not get the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy.  **********

Order: ( sold here at NuVET Labs in California)
NuVET for cats:
  ( A PORTION of the proceeds will go to Peaceful Surroundings Pet Sanctuary when you order using my link and code ( 81098 ) 
NuVET is Excellent: (* Holistic and Not in the pet stores )

**CALL in all First orders - talk to the NuVET gals - tell them about your cat.
1-800-474-7044 ~~~~~ Tell them Pet Nurse Marie Peppers sent you... referral code 81098 and ask for the 15 % OFF program on auto-ship; 

Let them know we are working on HOME-cooking recipes.

Or order here - Quick Priority mail service 


I have an alternative recipe to the Hill's i/d food for cats; 

We have had many clients with Pancreas and liver disease use this recipe with success.

Feed your cat an easily digestible, low-fat diet if the diagnosis is pancreas or liver issues;
*Pass this recipe by your VET. 
 Disclosure;  Please remember I am not a Vet  

Cooked or boiled chicken (no skin or bones) and rice is a safe choice. 

*Do not feed your cat treats, particularly those high in fat.

Feline Feeding: 

CAT food recipe:

Meat 98%  ( lightly cook all meats)

   ground  turkey  1 pound- cook
   ground  chicken -  cook  1 pound 

Rice -  White rice / 2 cups to every pound of meat.  ( boiled white rice)

(STAY away from Beef for now)

Vegetables 1%: 

OPTIONAL --- not sure how your cat will do with this:  *( do a test)

   puréed juiced, raw or steamed -- this should ideally be a salad. 

only feed salad occasionally --- Cats mainly need meat:

YOU can puree up a few veggies - Very small amount - 1/2 cup of puree to 1 pound of meat...

Many cats seem to do well with mush-up sprouts 

** a good quality supplement for your cat:  ( NuVET feline )

MOST of our Clients use : 
NuVET Feline Formula

Give 1/2 teaspoon per day - mix into some meat or tuna.
( Start off slowly with just 1/2 per day and work into the full NuVET dosage down the road)
Most cats take 3/4 to 1 full teaspoon per day.

( USE order code 81098 and tell them Pet Nurse Marie sent you)

NEED a basic Recipe for a HEALTHY CAT ???  
SEE here  

Good luck with the home cooking - It will make a big change!

Give it a try!  Be your Cat's chef!

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