NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Sunday, March 6

For My Local Clients: Charlotte N.C. Dog Boarding ; the "Un-kennel" Experience

  Charlotte Doggies love our Un-Kennel Experience:
 FREE pick up with our Pet limo...
Calling all Charlotte N.C. pets;  Pineville ; Indian Trail; Monroe;  Rock Hill; Pageland and other N.C. and S.C. areas

The Senior Citizen Canine has special needs and we can accommodate that.
We love the seniors and they have such wisdom to teach us all about “how to live”.
We have worked with many special needs dogs including diabetics, blind dogs, those prone to seizures, pre and post-surgery dogs, paralyzed dogs, etc.

Any x-tra special needs will be offered "free" of charge: We do Not charge extra for special feeding or administering medications.

We have a local Veterinarian on Call .
Staff is all Family run. We have no employees - you get my Husand John and myself as your pet's caregivers.

OUR rates run only 12.00 to 20.00 per night - DEPENDS on the size / weight of your dog
WE take VERY few guests at one time...

This is a "un-kennel " experience.... They stay in our house with us.
Come to the Country - Cozy Country Doggie Ranch

Serving Charlotte for the past 3 years with our pet limo.
We have special potty schedules for seniors, and can customize the play day to meet their needs with a mid-day nap, etc.

Seniors love to play a little (or a lot) and watch the other dogs play.
Seniors will get the x-tra special attention and Love they so deserve!

No charge to give medication;
No charge for leashed Park Walks - If your pet can take our 1 mile hike.... No charge.

If not, they can stay at the house with our mother-in-law... She will babysit anyone that doesn't want to attend our Park outings.
Pets are on - leash at all times when off our property..
We try to do a PARK walk 3 x per WEEK if the weather is not too hot

Reserve us today.....