NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Tuesday, March 15

For Itchy Pets : Has your VET suggested the Steroid Drug Temaril-P? Please read:

Hi all you pet owners with Itchy pets.  Rashes- HOT spots....

Spending 1000s of $$$ at your local VET?

After you read the following,  please contact me for help.
I would be glad to assist with dog food choices, home cooked recipes and supplements for your dog or cat.

I do NOT charge for a 30 minute consultation over the phone.
No risk, give me a call.    ( 803-424-2312)

( DO not remove your Pets from Temaril - P without your VET's supervision - very dangerous to quit without tapering)

Temaril-P--- LOOK at the Major side effects!

As for Vaccinations on VERY itchy / ALLERGY Pets:
YOU may want to reduce or HOLD off on them:

Do a google Search on DR. Jean Dodd --- Excellent info:
Dr. Dodd does suggest vaccines but on a limited basis thru the pet's life.

Vaccinting our pets:

So called "allergies" are more often than not vaccinosis or vaccine induced.
If your vet disagrees, suggest he/she read the contra-indications that come with the vax, especially the part about only vaccinating a healthy dog!
I am here to help -  Ask the Pet Nurse.
PLEASE remember that I am not a VET
MY itchy Pet page:

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Marie Peppers LPN MA