NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Thursday, February 17

What do we use for TEAR Stains? Eye pads and a NuVET supplement:

Hi Everyone -
 I have been asked so many times about Bulldog tear - eye stains:
Also, Maltese and Poodle eye stains:

Here is My answer to the Tear and Wrinkle stains:
Excellent Product - You can buy at my link or call around to your local pet shop,,,,
It's a very special product.  ( not all shops carry the Happy Tails Spa products)
It's Worth the money because it works - it's soothing - and smells great.

All my Maltese, Poodle and Bulldog Clients are taking the NuVET supplement-
it does so much MORE than just help with eye stains...

It's a skin and coat healer ; Immune System booster and Allergy Blaster, too

SEE my NuVET site here for the Powder or Wafers-
They are NOT sold in stores - see here: