Sunday, February 20

Praise Report on NuVET and PEARLS / Probiotics for pets... YEAST EAR infections! gone

Poodle with Chronic EAR infections and YEAST


Canine ear infections ;  poodle supplements;

I would love to help you and Emi!!!
POOR kid -  I am sure this baby has Environmental allergies.  So many times pet are allergic to grass, dirts, mold, pollens, treats and more.... Things you can't control. 
The Blue Salmon and Sweet Potato sounds good and is Holistic...
The Duck strips I would change to Freeze Dried Liver Treats or a few links below:  Pork freeze dried treats.
Duck can sometimes be a problem for Poodles and skin/coat problems.
Here are my suggestions for your EMI.... Try not to use Steroids long term as they are Harsh on the body and cause an early death....
We want her to live a long time.

1.  Let's get her onto some Olive Oil - 1/2 teaspoon each day ( if she is under 5 pounds give only 1/4 teaspoon each day / MIX into her food
( must be pure olive oil)

2.  ESTER C - give her 250 mg of Ester C per day --- This will help her to fight off infections and yeast.... I use Ester C for People and buy it at GNC ( General Nutrition Stores)-  Make sure it is ESTER C only - break them in 1/2 if they are 500mg.  HIDE in a pill pocket or mix into the food, you can crush this.

Give long term - NO side effects and not a drug
3.  NuVET Plus -  PLEASE start this baby onto the NuVET Wafer or Powder each day -  Give 1 teaspoon or 1 wafer per day  **LONG  TERM **
This will Blast her allergies and help to fight off the Allergens that are hitting her.
PLUS- helps to rid the body of excessive yeast bacteria.  REDUCES red areas and Inflammation.
NuVET will help the body to re-build a weak immune system...
Protect joints and hips from injury ( Poodles have chronic knee/joint problems)
Call 1-800-474-7044   ( CAN'T buy this in the Stores) 
HOLISTIC / Natural ...
Tell them Pet Nurse Marie sent you for the NuVET Plus-  Explain your problem with the yeast.
Ask about the 15% off program and give order code 81098
Here is my NuVET Page for more info:

4.  LAST - Please get some PEARLS - get the lowest dosage /  This is for Yeast -
It's mainly the probiotic Acidophilus in a little pill.
Give 1 per day for 90 days //// This is not a drug.... All Natural
This will help the yeast become balanced.  Many dogs that have allergies have an overgrowth of yeast in the gut and on the skin.
PEARLS can be found at GNC, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens

That's it for now - You can continue to use the ear cleaners and just get the flat cotton pads, the ones for make up removal?????  They work better than the cotton balls.  ( just my opinion)

Marie Peppers LPN MA

Also, Take a look at:  MY ITCHY DOG /  KIT   ( I know your poodle is not shedding, but tell your friends that have dogs with Fur ) ..

Reduce or Stop Shedding in dogs   ( stop the itchies)

Spray and Supplement

YUMMY Wafer supplement;
Soothing Hot spot Shampoo

Soothing with Eucalyptus and Aloe Spray-

guaranteed products -made in California

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

It's been since Jan 3rd
and I have been following your advice to the letter regarding my poodles' ears. I am so thankful to you...she is completely free of infection!
My sweet little girl is no longer afraid of me when I approach with cotton balls! Thanks you so very much!! I am recommending you to my whole family. I waited to write to you when I was kinda sure that the infection would not simply return. Now I'm convinced....and I never miss a day giving her a pearl! You should get kudos from this Pearl company! You can publish my letter!


NuVET Plus; Pearls for Yeast ears; So glad your poodle's ears are better.
Please do keep the Pearls on hand for future use....
NuVET daily;
Don't forget the Olive oil every day in her food --- Just the small amount mixed into the food.
KEEP it up--- Yes, it works.
so glad!!!

Marie Peppers
ASK the Pet Nurse